SAARC Finance Seminar on Potential Role of Big Data in Economic Policy March 6, 2024 Islamabad Pakistan

An interactive discussion on The Promise of Digital Banks on Thursday, March 3, 2022 - Invitation Flyer

Rs.70 Commemorative Coin Issued on 70th Anniversary of Pak-China Diplomatic Relationship
Webinar on Consultative dialogue on State Bank of Pakistan’s Gender Financial Inclusion Policy - Banking on Equality
Webinar on Consultative Launch of Gender Policy - Banking on Equality: Reducing the Gender Gap in Financial Inclusion
Launch of SBP FX Regulatory Approval System
Seminar on Managing Crises in Emerging Markets
Seminar on Firms and Growth at State Bank of Pakistan
Awareness Sessions on Foreign Exchange Operations and SBP Online Portal
Agricultural Credit Advisory Committee Meeting, Peshawar
Unveiling of Rs. 550 Baba Guru Nanak Dev Ji Commemorative Coin
Launch of National Payment Systems Strategy
14th August, 2019 Independence Day
 Workshops on Market Conduct Supervision
 SBP IDEATHON - Planting Ideas for Financial Inclusion
 Launch Ceremony of Quaid-e-Azam's Portraits on Dec 25
 14th August, 2018 Independence Day
 A Journey towards Professional Excellence: 70 Years of State Bank
 Unveiling of Dr. Ruth Pfau Commemorative Coin
 Seminar on Responsible Banking Conduct - a cultural transformation
 The Role of a Central Bank in National Economic Development by Professor Sir Paul Collier - 22nd Zahid Husain Memorial lecture
 Launching of Scheme for Home Remittances through M-wallet Accounts & Policy for Promotion of SME Finance by Shahid Khaqan Abbasi Honorable Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan December 22, 2017
 Independence Day celebrations at State Bank of Pakistan
 Rs. 50 coin commemorating Edhi's services unveiled at the State Bank of Pakistan
 Governor, State Bank Mr. Ashraf Mahmood Wathra presiding over the meeting of Agricultural Credit Advisory Committee at Multan on February 03, 2017
 Professor Timothy John Besley, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), delivers 21st Zahid Husain lecture on "State Capacities for Delivering Higher Economic Growth"
 The Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF), Ms. Christine Lagarde attended an event on Emerging markets and the world economy hosted by State Bank of Pakistan.
 H. M Queen Maxima visit to Pakistan 2016 (Report)
 International Conference on Innovative Agricultural Financing in Pakistan from April 28-29, 2015
 at Islamabad
- Conference Agenda
 Seminar on “Promoting Agricultural Value Chain Financing”-March 30, 2015
 Launching Ceremony of FICF 3rd Challenge Round 
 Branchless Banking – G2P Payments Conference 
 Global & Local Trends in SME Banking and the Role of Non-Financial Services Pakistan
 Pakistan Branchless Banking Conference 2010
 Conference on Risk Management
 PSCAC Secretariat
 SBP 60th Anniversary – Development Finance Conference
 DFSD Inter Provincial Agricultural Workshop
 DFSD Workshop Proceedings 
 Conference on SME Financing – Issues and Strategies

    SBP Policy Rate
    20.50% p.a.
    SBP Overnight
    Repo (Ceiling) Rate
    21.50% p.a
    SBP Overnight
    Repo (Floor) Rate
    19.50% p.a.
    Weighted-average Overnight Repo Rate
    As on 13-Jun-24
    21.21% p.a.
    As on 14-Jun-24
    Tenor BID OFFER
    3-M 19.94 20.19
    6-M 19.86


    12-M 19.02 19.52

  • MTBs
    Tenor Rates
    3-M 20.1498%
    6-M 19.9693%
    12-M 18.9489%
    (as on Jun 12, 2024)
    Fixed-rate PIB
    Tenor Cut-off Rates
    3-Y 16.6450%
    5-Y 15.4500%
    10-Y 14.2999%
    15-Y No Bid
    20-Y No Bid
    30-Y No Bid
    (as on May 22, 2024)

    Floating-Rate PIBs (Quarterly Coupon)

    Tenor Cut-off Price
    2-Y Bids Rejected
    3-Y Bids Rejected

    Floating-Rate PIBs
    (Half-yearly Coupon)

    Tenor Cut-off Price
    5-Y 96.5875
    10-Y 94.4585
    (as on Jun 12, 2024)
    Tenor Cut-off Rental Rate/Price
    3-Y 100.2842
    5-Y 100.0022
    Tenor Cut-off Margin/Price
    3-Y 99.0800
    5-Y 98.7600
    (as on 21-Dec-2023)
  • PIB Auction
    (Fixed Rate)


    Floating Rate PIB
    (Semi-Annual Coupon)

    Floating-rate PIB
    (Quarterly Coupon)

    As on 07-Jun-24
    SBP’s Reserves
    Bank’s Reserves
    Total Reserves

    As on 14-Jun-24
    Revaluation Rate
    Average Rate
    Bid: 278.3614


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