Tender Notice for Articulated Boom Lift New

Remodeling of Counter at 2nd floor SBP BSC (Bank), Lahore & Improvement of water supply/drainage system – treatment of seepage at 1st floor Car parking at Annexe building, SBP BSC (Bank), Lahore New

Tender Notice for Gardening Works etc New

Tender Notice for Civil Renovation Works New

Construction of 100,000 Gallons Capacity Underground Water Tank at State Bank of Pakistan I.I Chundrigarh Road Karachi

Tender Notice for hiring services of Consultant for renovation of bathrooms of hosel and academic block

Providing/Fixing, Manufacturing & Installation of Evacuation Stairs (MS Steel) at SBP BSC Rawalindi

Tender Notice for Water Proofing of Auditorium Roof

Outsourcing of Services of Skilled/Unskilled Staff at State Bank of Pakistan, SBP BSC, G-5/2, Islamabad

Tender Notice for P/F of MS & Fiber Glass Sheet Shed over Chillers at NIBAF

TENDER NOTICE Miscellaneous Civil Works at State Bank of Pakistan BSC (Bank), Islamabad

Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Replacement of Fire Alarm System and Burglary Alarm System at State Bank of Pakistan, SBPBSC, Multan


Tender Notice Drainage System of Guest Rooms and Facing of Annexe Building, SBP-MZD AJK


Tender Notice for Cleansing Materials


Tender Notice_CM Residence Renov


Tender Notice for Aluminum partition


Procurement of Consumables for Digital Card Machine HDP-5000


Tender to be Uploaded at SBP Website (Maintenance of Various Security Equipments at SBP-BSC Bank, Faisalabad)


Extension of Guard Room at Main Gate -State Bank of Pakistan, SBPBSC, Multan


Construction of Guard Rooms at 3rd floor and Renovation of canteen at ground floor at Annexe Building, SBP BSC (Bank), Lahore


Rerouting of Hanging Power cables from Annexe building to Main Building at SBP BSC (Bank) Lahore


Construction of Two Security Huts (Watch Tower) at SBP BSC (Bank) Lahore

Tender Noitice for providin & fixing Tuff Tiles

Tender Noitice for construction of Record Room

Tender Noitice for Provision of False Ceiling

TENDER NOTICE- Providing & Fixing of Tiles Bank's Dispensary

TENDER NOTICE- Installation of Fiber Glass Shed

TENDER NOTICE- Providing & Fixing of Tiles in Bank;s Library

Tender Passanger Lift Boulton Market

Construction of Bachelor Hostels Rooms at Ground Floor of Annexe Building,SBP BSC, North Nazimabad, Karachi

Providing, Fabricating & Installation of Heavy Duty Ms Gates & Fixed Security Grill in New & Old Office Blocks At SBP BSC (Bank), Rawalpindi

Tender Notice for Glazed Aluminum Paneling Works

Tender Notice-Drilling/Installation of Water Bore-Well and Installation of Submersible Pump at SBP BSC (Bank), Rawalpindi

Tender Notice for Consultancy Services for Fire Fighting System

Providing & Installation of 4 Core Un-Armoured PVC Cable and Manual Change Over at SBP BSC Hyderabad

Readvertisement of tender notice for procurement of stock engineering items

Tender to be Uploaded at SBP Website (Overhauling of 4 No. Express UK Make Lifts at SBP-BSC Bank, Faisalabad)

Supply of Misc. Electrical Materials (Wire/Cable) At State Bank of Pakistan I.I Chundrigarh Road, Karachi

Tender Notice for Supply of Bullet Proof Jackets

Raising of Boundry wall from back side of the Building

Construction of Room at SBP BSC (Bank) North Nazimabad, Karachi


TENDER NOTICE for Appointment of Consultant for BMS

Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 40HP Centrifugal Pump and Providing Fixing of 3// Water Supply Line

Supply, Installation, Maintenance & Support of one (01) Video Conferencing System & Associated Equipment for SBP

Procurement of Services of Canteen Contractor

Procurement of Canteen Contractor

Consultancy Services for Preparation of Comprehensive Master Planning for the Usage/Development of Premises at Sector- G7/1, Islamabad

Procurement of Services of a Firm / Agency for Developing Video on Banknote Security Features for State Bank of Pakistan

Tender Notice for the Procurement of DG Sets

Supply of Printing Material for Printing Press of State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation

Supply, of furniture as per attached bill of quantity/warranty

Tender Notice-Renovation of Washrooms at Annex Block in State Bank of Pakistan, SBPBSC (Bank), Islamabad

Tender Notice-Replacement of 2nd Floor False Ceiling and Lighting in main Building, SBP BSC (Bank), Islamabad

Supply of Printing Material for Printing Press of State Bank of Pakistan Banking Services Corporation

Supply of Push around Stock Picker

Tender Notice of Janitorial and General Services

Procurement of Services of a Contractor /firm for providing Parking Space / facilities for SBP & SBP BSC employees

Following are Conversion Rates Valid for:
A) Customer transactions on AUG 25, 2014 for the conversion of FC Deposits, DBC /FCBC, Special US Dollar Bonds and profits thereon and forward cover for Deposits (Excluding FE-25)
B) SBP settlement value Date AUG 27, 2014

USDPKR 101.6727

GBPPKR 168.5836

JPYPKR 0.9806

EUROPKR 134.9807

* * *

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