Operation and Maintenance of DG Set/ Surveilance of UPS of IT Instalations/ Services of Electricians& Technicians/Operator for 11 KVA Auto Change Over Switch New

Supply of Printer Tonners at SBP-BSC (Bank), Faisalabad New

Consultancy Services for Up Gradation and Replacement of Existing Fire Alarm & Detection System and Burglary Alarm System Installed at SBP BSC (Bank) Multan

Maintenance & Support Services for IT Hardware & Software of SBP, SBP-BSC & NIBAF

Tender for Disposal of Old Unservicable Material lying at Store dated 18-02-2015

Construction of 4 RCC Gun Posts- Tendet Notice

IFB of Fire Fighting Equipment

Appointment of Engineering Consultant Firm / Architectural Firm for Preparation of Completion Drawings and Issuance of Comletion Certificate from CDA for NIBAF Islamabad - Tender Notice

Bidding Document Power Cable BSC Hyderabad

Operation and Maintenance of Boiler Operated Absorption HVAC System at SBP-BSC (Bank), Faisalabad

Floor Polish Work at Ground Floor and 1st Floor State Bank of Pakistan SBP-BSC Bank, Faisalabad

Tender Notice for supply of Tri color/Indelible Ink

Supply and Installation of Electronic Queue Management System at SBP BSC, Kutcherry Road, Sialkot

Supply of Floor Stand Split AC Units Having Capacity not less then 8-TR at Engineering Store, SBP Karachi

Tender Notice for "Miscellaneous Works at SBP Property, 12, Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi"

Publication of IFB - Maintenance and Support Services for Avaya IP PABX System at SBP

Polishing of AC Wooden Raiser Ducts at State Bank of Pakistan SBP BSC Quetta

Painting Work of Cash Hall/Heavy Tender at State Bank of Pakistan SBP BSC Quetta

Providing/Installation of Work-Stations with Computer Networking Etc. at GF Old Office Block at SBP BSC (Bank), Rawalpindi-Tender Notice

Operation and Maintenance of Window and Split Type AC Unit Installed at SBP Bolton Market Building, Karachi

Tender Notice for Janitorial/Cleansing Services and Skilled Staff at SBP BSC, Multan

Tender Notice for supply of Paper

Providing and Casting Concrete Blockers and Placeing Out Along the Boundry Wall at State Bank of Pakistan SBP BSC (Bank) Lahore

Shifting of Electric Load on 500 KVA DG Set

CORRIGENDUM-I - Supply, Installation, Integration, Testing, Commissioning, Handing Over, Maintenance & Support of High-end Banknote Processing & Authentication System (BPAS) with online Shredding, Packaging, Bundling and Shrink Wrap System along with conveyor system and briquetting solution for online/offline shreds & all ancillary equipment including HVAC System at State Bank of Pakistan, Banking Services Corporation (SBP BSC)

Procurement of Proxy Digital and Non Digital Cards

Corrigendum-Extension in Date for Engagement of Courier Services for Local Dispatch Activity

Providing and Fixing Wooden Partation and Wadrob at SBP BSC (Bank) Lahore

Electricians for Maintenance of Office Building Electric Equipments at SBP BSC D.I.Khan

Janitorial Cleaning Services for Maintenance of Office Building at SBP BSC D.I.Khan

Procurement of Services of Firms / Companies for maintenance & support services of Fax & Photocopier machines installed at different departments / locations of State Bank of Pakistan & SBP Banking Services Corporation

Renovation of Dispensary State Bank of Pakistan BSC (Bank), Islamabad

Year-Round Contract for Providing Services-Operations & Maintenance of Electrical Substations & Generators; and Providing of Electricians-Tender Notice

Tender Notice for Water Proofing, flooring & other civil works over old Terrace Garden Area

Overhauling of 4 No. Express UK make Lifts (Replacement / Supply of Faulty Components) at State Bank of Pakistan SBP-BSC (Bank) Faisalabad

Annual services contract cash handling mashines

Operations & Maintenance of 04 No. Express Lifts Installed at SBP-BSC (Bank), Faisalabad

Consumables of computer, non computer and communication items

Supply, Installation, Integration, Migration, Maintenance & Support of biometric access control system and allied components at SBP

Janitorial, Cleaning and Maintenance Services at State Bank of Pakistan, SBP-BSC (Bank), Faisalabad

Supply of lube oil

Tender Notice-Engagement of Courier Services for Local Dispatch Activity-SBP BSC (Bank) Rawalpindi

Publication of Tender Notice on SBP website-Consultancy Services for Preparation of Comprehensive Master Planning for the Usage/ Development of Bank’s Premises at Sector G-7/1 Islamabad

Providing/Supply of Treadmil Heavy Duty / Commercial at State Bank of Pakistan BSC (Bank) Hyderabad

Operation and Maintenance of Diesel Generators & I.T Installations/Surveillance of UPS Installations Installed at SBP-BSC (Bank), Faisalabad

Operation & Maintenance of Diesel Generators, UPS, Stabilizer, Server Room and Electrical System for computers at SBP BSC, Sialkot

Tender Notice for False Ceiling Works

Desktop Banknote Sorting and Authentication Machines

Invitation for Bids (IFB) for supply of Smoke Detectors

Re-Publication of Tender Notice "Geotechnical/Soil Investigations Work State Bank of Pakistan BSC (Bank), Islamabad"

Providing and Fixing Carpet in Floor at Guest House, Office Building SBP BSC (Bank), Peshawar

Supply and Installation of Concertina Razor Wire at State Bank of Pakistan, SBPBSC, Multan

Supply of Officer Chairs, Queue Dividers and Steel Benches at State Bank of Pakistan, SBPBSC, Multan

Engagement of a firm for providing Services of Office & General Support Staff

Maintenance/Service of CCTV System, Fire Alarm System, Burglary Alarm System, Walk Through Gates, Road Blockers,UVI System,Baggage Scanner Machines and other Security Related Equipments Installed at SBP BSC (Bank) LahoreAHORE.

Round the clock operation and maintenance of existing 1500KVA, (FG Wilson), 550KVA (Cummins) and 160KVA (FG Wilson) Diesel Generator Sets at State Bank of Pakistan main Building I.I.Chundrigar Road Karachi.

Supply of Four TON Capacity Floor Standing Split Type Ac Units at State Bank of Pakistan-BSC, SUKKUR

Procurement of Services of a firm for development of Smartphone Application for Creating Awareness about Security Features of Pakistani Banknotes and Anti-Counterfeiting Measures

Procurement of Services of Consultancy Firm for Conducting Employee Engagement Surveys

Tender Notice Consumable Items

Procurement of Services of an Insurance Company to provide Insurance Coverage for Loans given to Employees by State Bank of Pakistan and SBP Banking Services Corporation

Procurement of Stationary Items "A", "C" and "E" Categories

Janitorial & Cleaning Services at State Bank of Pakistan SBP BSC Bolton Market Building,

Supply of Drinking Mineral Water

Following are Conversion Rates Valid for:
A) Customer transactions on MAR 05, 2015 for the conversion of FC Deposits, DBC /FCBC, Special US Dollar Bonds and profits thereon and forward cover for Deposits (Excluding FE-25)
B) SBP settlement value Date MAR 09, 2015

USDPKR 101.8891

GBPPKR 156.4304

JPYPKR 0.8518

EUROPKR 113.3211

* * *

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