Procurement of Services of a Consulting firm for Conducting Compensation & Benefit Survey for Employees of SBP & SBP BSC New

Re-Tender Notice Drilling/Installation of Water Bore-Well and Installation of Submersible Pump-SBP BSC (Bank) RawalpindiNew

Publication of Tender Notice in Print Media-Invitation of Bids for Up Gradation and Improvement of Existing HAVC Systemat SBP BSC Peshawar New

Refilling of Fire Extinguishers Cylinders at Bank of Pakistan, SBP BSC (Bank), Lahore

External Re-Painting of New Office Building-SBP BSC (Bank) Rawalpindi-Tender Notice

Renewal of License and Support of Oracle Software for ECIB & HR

Supply of Inverter type wall mounted split AC unit having Capcity:a) 2-TR (15 Nos.) b) 1.5-TR (18 Nos.) at Engineering Store, SBP Karachi

Engagement of HR Consulting Firm to Conduct Workload Analysis

Prequalification of Training Firms / Institutions

Supply, Installation, Integration, Testing, Commissioning, Handing Over, Maintenance & Support of High-end Banknote Processing & Authentication System (BPAS) with online Shredding, Packaging, Bundling and Shrink Wrap System along with conveyor system and briquetting solution for online/offline shreds & all ancillary equipment including HVAC System at State Bank of Pakistan, Banking Services Corporation (SBP BSC)

Publication of Tender Notice "Providing and Fixing of Floor Tiling at State Bank House, Sector G-7/1"

Supply of Vacum Pumps for Chillers of HVAC System at State Bank of Pakistan, SBPBSC, Multan.

Maintenance/Service of CCTV System, Fire Alarm System, Burglary Alarm System, Walk system, Walk Through Gates, Road Blockers, Unisystem, Baggage Scanner Machines and Other Security Related Equipment Installed at SBP BSC (Bank) Lahore.

Renewal of Maintenance and Technical Support for one User License of AppScan Software

Tender Notice for 3 Projects

Tender for Construction of RCC Boundary Wall around open plot of land for SBP Office Building at D.I.Khan

Round The Clock Operation and Maintenance of Existing 1500KVA, (FG Wilson) 550KVA (Cummins) and 160KVA (FG Wilson) Diesel Generator Set at State Bank of Pakistan Main Building I.I. Chundrigar Road Karachi

Supply and Installation of Concertina Razor Wire at SBPBSC, Multan

Servicing and Maintenance Contract for CCTV and Fire Alarm Systems Installed at State Bank of Pakistan, SBP BSC (Bank), Peshawar

Procurement of Drinking Mineral Water for SBP/BSC, HOK, Karachi

Tender Notice-Electricians for Maintenance of Office Electric Equipment at SBP BSC (Bank) D.I.Khan

Janitorial, Cleaning and Maintenance Services at SBP BSC (BANK) North Nazimabad, Premises, Karachi

Massive Remedial Works to Replace Entire Underground Layer Perforation Treatment of Old Terrace Garden Area with Water Proofing & Heat Insulation Tiles at Main Bank Building, State Bank of Pakistan, I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi

Outsourcing of Skilled and Unskilled Services at SBP BSC, Sialkot

Renewal of Licenses and Support for Symantec Endpoint Protection (Anti Virus Software-publication of IFB

Janitorial, Cleaning, Maintenance and Gardening Services at State Bank of Pakistan, SBP BSC (BANK) D.I.KHAN Office Premises

Supply of Computer Consumables at SBPBSC (Bank) Faisalabad

Operation and Maintenance of Central  Air  Conditioning System (For BSC House and Museum Building)  installed at State Bank of Pakistan, Karachi

Outsourcing of Janitorial Services at SBP BSC , Kutchery Road, Sialkot

Renovation of Baths/Toilets at Various Floors SBP BSC (Bank) Lahore

Tender for Hiring of Services of Driver, Medical Assistant etc. at SBP BSC (Bank), Gujranwala

Year-Round Contract for Repair/Service and Maintenance of CCTV Security System and Equipments at SBP BSC (Bank), Rawalpindi. Re-Tender.

Adertisement of Tender 'Outsourcing of Janitorial Services'.

Operation & Maintenance of Central Air Conditioning Plant Installed at SBP BSC (Bank) North Nazimabad Office, Karachi.

Tender Notice for hydraulic lift

Tender Notice For P/F Aluminum Windows of SBP Bungalow # p-5 at KDA Scheme 1, Karachi.

Prequalification of Head Hunting / Executive Search Firms.

Tender Notice for disposal of scrap itmes.

Operation & Maintnance of Two Nos.  Passanger Lifts (Hyundai) installed at Subsidiary House, SBP BSC (Bank) Head Office, I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi.

Engagement of Skilled Staff for Different Works at State Bank of Pakistan, SBPBSC, Multan.

Operation & Maintenance of 02 Nos. Passenger Lifts and One No. Bullion Lift (OTIS) Installed at State Bank of Pakistan, SBP BSC (Bank) North Nazimabad Office, Karachi.

Providing and Fixing Steel Racks at State Bank of Pakistan SBP BSC (Bank) Lahore.

Year-Round Contract for Operations & Maintenance of 30 & 350 KVA Diesel Generating Sets, HT/LT Sub-Station and Building Electrical Distribution System at SBP BSC (Bank), Rawalpindi.

Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Diesel Generator Set having Minimum Output Prime Rating Capacity of 20 KVA at Governor House Karachi.

Requiring of Janitorial Services of Minimum Two Persons through Contractor/ Contracting Firm at SBP BSC (Bank), Bahawalpur

Tender Notice for Civil Maintenance Works

Fumigation Tender Notice

Renovation of Public Wash Rooms at Entrance of Main Building, SBP BSC Islamabad

Tender Notice for Civil Renovation Works

Providing / Laying Of Water Proofing Treatment with Fiber Glass Membrane Over G I Corrugated Sheet Roof of Auditorium in Academic Block at National Institute of Banking and Finance (NIBAF), State Bank of Pakistan PITRAS Bukhari Road Sector H-8/1 Islamabad

Construction of Watching Tower at SBP-BSC(Bank) - Quetta

Disposal Notice for old un-serviceable items

Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Walk Through Gates and Hand Metal Detectors

Invitation for Bids for Supply of Printer Cartridges & Ribbons

Maintenance and Servicing of PA System/Conference System, Installed at SBPs Main Banks Building, LRC Building, Canteen Building, Museum & Boulton Market Building Karachi – Outsourcing on Daily Basis

IFB - Network Infrastructure for Access Control System to improve its e-attendance system

Construction of Toilet at 6th Floor at State Bank of Pakistan Lahore

Tender Notice- Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of Chillers, pumps and cooling tower at NIBAF Islamabad

Following are Conversion Rates Valid for:
A) Customer transactions on DEC 22, 2014 for the conversion of FC Deposits, DBC /FCBC, Special US Dollar Bonds and profits thereon and forward cover for Deposits (Excluding FE-25)
B) SBP settlement value Date DEC 24, 2014

USDPKR 100.5177

GBPPKR 157.2901

JPYPKR 0.8419

EUROPKR 123.4156

* * *

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