The SBP Banking Services Corporation (SBP-BSC) was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of State Bank of Pakistan in January, 2002, under the SBP Banking Services Corporation Ordinance 2001.

As an operational arm of the Central Bank, SBP Banking Services Corporation is engaged in managing currency, foreign exchange operations and foreign exchange adjudication; providing banking services to the federal and provincial governments and financial institutions regulated by State Bank of Pakistan, conducting development finance activities in support of the development finance group of the SBP, implementing export refinance schemes,  and performing agency functions like sale/purchase of national prize bonds including managing prize money draws, sale and purchase of national saving schemes or any other functions assigned by State Bank of Pakistan.


To develop SBP-BSC into a dynamic and efficient organization equipped with requisite technology and human resource capable of extending sustainable support to the State Bank of Pakistan in achieving its objective.


To provide excellent banking and financial services to stakeholders besides ensuring implementation of SBP policies in order to command their trust and respect.


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