-  Statement of Affairs
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-  Inflation Monitor
-  Statistical Bulletin - (feedback Survey for review of Statistical Bulletin)
-  Export of Goods & Services
Available online only
-  Import of Goods & Services
Available online only
-  The State of Pakistan's Economy
-  Islamic Banking Bulletin
-  Quarterly Housing Finance Data Publication
-  Quarterly Financial Statements Analysis of Companies (Non-Financial) Listed at PSX - (XLS)
-  Development Finance Review
-  Payment Systems Review
-  Quarterly Export of Goods and Services
-  Quarterly Import of Goods and Services
-  Quarterly SME Finance Review
-  Quarterly PMYBL Review
-  Quarterly Infrastructure Finance Review
-  Quarterly Branchless Banking Newsletters
-  Quarterly Performance Review of the Banking Sector
Discountiued after Dec 2017
-  Financial Stability Review
-  Statistics on Scheduled Banks in Pakistan
-  Payment Systems Half Year Review
-  Half-Yearly Performance Review of the Banking Sector
-  Annual SME Finance Review, December 2017
-  Annual Report, The State of Pakistan's Economy
-  Annual Performance Review
-  Annual Financial Statements  
-  Financial Statement Analysis of Companies (Non-Financial) listed at PSE  (XLS)
-  Financial Statement Analysis of Financial Sector - (2013 - 2017)
-  Banking Statistics of Pakistan
-  Exports of Goods and Services
-  Imports of Goods and Services
-  International Investment Position of Pakistan
-  Pakistan's Balance of Payments
-  Payment Systems Annual Review
-  Flow of Funds Accounts of Pakistan
-  Financial Stability Review
-  Annual SME Finance Review, December 2016
-  Handbook of Statistics on Pakistan Economy - 2015
5 yearly
-  Diagnostic Review of Consumer Service Practices in Banking
-  Equity Yields on Ordinary Shares June 2007
Discontinued after 2007
-  Foreign Liabilities & Assets and Investment in Pakistan
Discontinued after 2006
-  Index Numbers of Stock Exchange Securities
Discontinued after 2008
-  Banking System Reviews
Discontinued after 2006
-  Financial Sector Assessment
Discontinued after 2005
-  Financial Markets Review
Discontinued after 2004
Research Series
-  SBP Research Bulletin
-  Working Papers
-  SBP Staff Notes
-  Policy for Promotion of SME Finance
-  Monetary Policy Frameworks in the SAARC Region
-  Pakistan's Islamic Banking Sector Review 2003-07
-  SME Market Segmentation Study - Sector Profiling of 10 Key SME Sub-Sectors (A Joint Initiative of SBP & IFC)
-  Access to Finance in Pakistan, Key Indicators on Gender-mix
-  Review of Deposit Portfolio of MFBs
-  Diagnostic Review of Consumer Service Practices in Banking Industry of Pakistan
-  Report of the Committee on Rural Finance
-  Implications of Liberalizing Trade and Investment with India
-  SBP Task Force Report on Crop Loan Insurance Framework
-  Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Islamic Banking in Pakistan
-  SBP's Reports on Selected Agri. Value Chain

    SBP Policy Rate
    10.75% p.a.
    SBP Overnight
    Repo (Ceiling) Rate
    11.25% p.a.
    SBP Overnight
    Repo (Floor) Rate
    9.25% p.a.
    Overnight Weighted Average Repo Rate
    As on 23-Apr-19
    10.48% p.a.
    As on 24-Apr-19
    Tenor BID OFFER
    3-M 10.87 11.12
    6-M 11.00 11.25
    12-M 11.16 11.66

  • MTBs
    Tenor Rates
    3-M 11.0000%
    6-M 11.0899%
    12-M No bid received
    (as on Apr 10, 2019)

    PIBs (Fixed Rate)

    Tenor Rates
    3-Y 12.2000%
    5-Y Bids Rejected
    10-Y Bids Rejected
    20-Y No bid received
    (as on Apr 17, 2019)

    PIBs (Floating Rate)

    Tenor Cut-off Margin
    10-Y +70 bps
    1/- Margin over benchmark i.e. latest 6-Month Wtd Avg MTB Rate
    (as on Apr 17, 2019)

  • MTB Auction

    PIB Auction
    As on 12-April - 19
    SBP’s Reserves
    Bank’s Reserves
    Total Reserves

    USD/PKR Rates
    As on 24-Apr-19
    Revaluation Rate
    Average Rate
    Bid: 141.1442
    Offer: 141.5187
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