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- State Bank of Pakistan amends foreign exchange regulations to enhance transparency in transactions between exchange companies (30-09-2022)
- SBP issues Commemorative Banknote to mark 75 years of Pakistan’s Independence (29-09-2022)
- SBP advises public not to respond to or share personal information on fraudulent Calls and Messages (24-09-2022)
- SBP modifies foreign exchange regime to promote documentation in forex transactions (23-09-2022)
- No Restrictions on Import of Raw Materials: SBP Clarifies (13-09-2022)
- State Bank of Pakistan Suspends the Authorization of M/s Great Union Exchange Company-B (Pvt) Limited and M/s Swiss International Exchange Company-B (Pvt) Limited (13-09-2022)
- Press Release of Workers’ Remittances in August 2022 (13-09-2022)
- SBP signs MoU with to utilize data on real sector (06-09-2022)
- Complaints against banks for not accepting Donations for Floods are misleading (31-08-2022)
- SBP sets agriculture credit disbursement target of Rs1.8 trillion for FY23 (26-08-2022)
- Monetary Policy Statement (22-08-2022)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (19-08-2022)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in July 2022 (16-08-2022)
- Acting Governor unveils Commemorative Banknote to mark 75 years of Pakistan’s Independence (14-08-2022)
- SBP automates verification of refinance claims under Export Finance Scheme to facilitate Exporters and Banks (12-08-2022)
- Half Year Report FY22 on the State of Pakistan's Economy released (12-08-2022)
- SBP launches media campaign on Asaan Mobile Account (10-08-2022)
- Banks to issue proceed realization certificates electronically (06-08-2022)
- Regulatory Action against M/s TAG Innovation Pvt. Ltd (04-08-2022)
- Public Holidays (04-08-2022)s
- Joint Press Release of SBP and FPCCI Governor SBP to set up joint interaction committee with FPCCI (03-08-2022)
- Enhanced Monitoring of the Foreign Exchange Operations of Exchange Companies and Banks (03-08-2022)
- PAKISTAN'S STRATEGY FOR NAVIGATING FY2023: FIVE IMPORTANT FACTS Joint Statement by the Ministry of Finance and the State Bank of Pakistan (31-07-2022)
- Workers remittances rise to a record-high in FY22 (18-07-2022)
- Monetary Policy Statement (07-07-2022)
- Opening of Selected Branches (07-07-2022)
- SBP extends Online Portal to EMIs, PSOs and PSPs (06-07-2022)
- State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) issues final instructions for implementation of International Financial Reporting Standard, IFRS-9, in the Banking Sector (06-07-2022)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (05-07-2022)
- Public holidays on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha (04-07-2022)
- SBP adopts more AAOIFI Shariah Standards for Islamic Banking Industry (04-07-2022)
- SBP Launches Farmers' Financial Literacy & Awareness Promotion through Digital Media (29-06-2022)
- Opening of concerned branches for collection of Government receipts / duties / taxes on June 29 & 30, 2022 (27-06-2022)
- SBP reaches out to Supreme Court for guidance in FSC decision (25-06-2022)
- Financial System performed well and remained resilient, says Financial Stability Review 2021 (21-06-22)
- e-Banking Continues steady growth in the Third Quarter of FY22 (16-06-22)
- Deputy Governor SBP urges banks to leverage SBP's recent initiatives to boost agriculture financing (15-06-22)

- State Bank of Pakistan renews the Status of VIS and PACRA as Eligible External Credit Assessment Institutions (ECAIs) (15-06-22)

- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in May, 2022 (10-06-22)

- SBP hosts Meetings of Islamic Financial Services Board (09-06-22)

- The Government and SBP refute baseless claims circulating on social media regarding Foreign Currency Accounts, Roshan Digital Accounts and Safety Deposit Lockers (06-06-2022)
- SBP unveils Easy Data, in a move aimed at supporting economic research and enhancing transparency (02-06-2022)
- Opening of Concerned Branches for Collection of Government Rceipts/Duties/Taxes/on May 31, 2022 (28-05-2022)
- Monetary Policy Statement (23-05-2022)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (20-05-2022)
- SBP and IFC join hands to promote Agriculture Finance through Warehouse Receipts (18-05-2022)
- State Bank issues Advisory against Illegal offshore Foreign Exchange Trading Websites, Mobile Applications and Platforms (18-05-2022)
- Governor SBP assumes the Charge of Chairman ACU Board in its 50th meeting (15-05-2022)
- Workers' Remittances (13-05-2022)
- Revised Office Timings (06-05-2022)
- Dr. Murtaza Syed assumes position of Acting Governor - (05-05-2022)
- Office Timings - (05-05-2022)
- All Banks and their branches shall remain open on Saturday, April 30, 2022 - (28-04-2022)
- SBP updates schedule of MPC meetings for the rest of calendar year 2022 (16-04-2022)
- Digital Payments continue strong growth trend in Second Quarter of FY22 (15-04-2022)
- Banks approve Rs. 180bn in low-cost housing loans (14-04-2022)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in March 2022 (14-04-2022)
- Six Days Working Week and Revised Timings (13-04-2022)
- Monetary Policy Statement (07-04-2022)
- State Bank of Pakistan receives overwhelming response for Digital Bank Licenses (06-04-2022)
- SBP announces office & business hours during the month of Ramadan-ul-Mubarak (01-04-2022)
- Islamic banking assets recorded highest ever growth of Rs1.3 trillion in CY21: SBP (01-04-2022)
- Bank Holiday (28-03-2022)
- State Bank suspends the authorization of an Exchange Company (25-03-2022)
- Opening of Branches for Collection of Government Receipts/Duties/Taxes on 30th and 31st March 2022 (25-03-2022)
- Governor SBP unveils a special report about progress on SDGs from banking perspective (25-03-2022)
- Banks give on-spot conditional approvals of Rs7.4 billion in first Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar Mela in Faisalabad (21-03-2022)
- SBP and Banks hold Mela in Faisalabad to promote financing for affordable housing (19-03-2022)
- SBP releases First Quarterly Report FY22 on the State of Pakistan's Economy (17-03-2022)
- Public Holiday (17-03-2022)
- SBP and Banks to organize Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar Mela in Faisalabad (17-03-2022)
- SBP Enables Microfinance Account-holders to Invest in Government Securities (16-03-2022)
- SBP facilitates Microfinance Banks to lend for low-cost housing and micro and small enterprises
- State Bank Museum launches a unique exhibition in collaboration with Karachi University, Manchester Museum, and the British Council (12-03-2022)
- Governor SBP announces task force to boost agriculture finance (11-03-2022)
- Governor SBP emphasizes on the right of persons with disabilities to enjoy fair and equal access to financial services (10-03-2022)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in February 2022 (10-03-2022)
- Monetary Policy Statement (08-03-2022)
- SBP unveils Asaan Digital Accounts to break barriers in financial inclusion of women (07-03-2022)
- Curtain Raiser - SBP to celebrate journey of women's financial inclusion in an event - Asaan Digital Accounts: Breaking Barriers (05-03-2022)
- SBP Organizes Discussion on "The Promise of Digital Banks' for International Audiences" (05-03-2022)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (04-03-2022)
- SBP Issues Unified QR Code to Accelerate Digital Payments (02-03-2022)
- Digital Payments Continue Brisk Growth First Quarter of FY 2022 (28-02-2022)
- Governor SBP urges stakeholders to promote farm credit using Electronic Warehouse Receipt Financing (22-02-2022)
- SBP to launch Electronic Warehouse Receipt Financing for Maize Crop (21-02-2022)
- State Bank of Pakistan issues Rs.70 Commemorative Coin to Mark 70th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Germany and Pakistan (18-02-2022)
- SBP expands Export Refinance scheme to improve exports and forex inflows (16-02-2022)
- SBP enhances agriculture credit limits to meet farmers input requirements (16-02-2022)
- PM Launches SBP's Free Raast Person-to-Person Instant Payments System (15-02-2022)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in January 2022 (11-02-2022)
- Governor SBP participates in an interactive session with the Pakistani Community in Riyadh on Roshan Digital Account (07-02-2022)
- State Bank incentivizes Exchange Companies to surrender 100% of home remittances in the interbank market (04-02-2022)
- SBP introduces instant and free person-to-person payments under Raast (03-02-2022)
- Public Holiday (03-02-2022)
- State Bank and Multan Chamber organize a 2-day SME Mela in Multan (26-01-2022) - Picture
- State Bank to Issue Rs. 50 Commemorative Coin for Golden Jubilee of PNS Submarine Hangor (25-01-2022)
- Monetary Policy Statement (24-01-2022)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (21-01-2022)
- SBP Hosts event on "Digital Banks - A New Era in Pakistan" (21-01-2022)
- SBP digitizes refinance process of Export Finance Scheme to facilitate banks & exporters (19-01-2022)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in December 2021 (14-01-2022)
- SBP wins IFN global award for 2nd consecutive year as best Central Bank in Promoting Islamic Finance for the Year 2021 (13-01-2022)
- State Bank to Issue Rs 100 Commemorative Coin for 100th Anniversary of University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore (12-01-2022)
- Deadline for Exchange of Old Design Banknotes extended up till 31st December, 2022 (07-01-2022)
- Housing & construction finance increases by record Rs163 billion in CY21 including Rs38 billion under Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar (06-01-2022)

- SBP requires exporters to bring export proceeds within 120 days from date of shipment(05-01-2022)

- SBP releases Quarterly Compendium of Banking Statistics(04-01-2022)

- SBP announces a new era for banking with a Licensing & Regulatory Framework for Digital Banks (03-01-2022)


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