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- Master Guarantee Agreement signed between Credit Guarantee Trust for Low Income Housing and Partner Financial Institutions (28-12-2020)
- Opening of concerned branches to facilitate the collection of Government receipts /duties/ taxes (28-12-2020)
- SBP Launches Survey of Overseas Pakistanis to Assess Recent Trends and Prospects for Remittances (24-12-2020)
- Public Holiday (22-12-2020)
- SBP launches consultation on Banking on Equality Policy - an initiative to increase financial inclusion of women in the country (21.12.2020)
- SBP is all set to launch consultation on Banking on Equality policy for reducing the gender gap in financial inclusion (19.12.2020)
- Press Release on Workers' Remittances (11.12.2020)
- Governor SBP, Dr. Reza Baqir, appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Council of Islamic Financial Services Board (10.12.2020)
- President of Pakistan appreciates SBP for the leadership role in promoting financial inclusion of women and digital payments (08.12.2020)
- Opening of Concerned Branches to Facilitate the Collection 0f Government Receipts / Duties / Taxes on December 8, 2020 (07.12.2020)
- President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi lauds SBP and banks for progress in financial inclusion of persons with disabilities (04-12-2020)
- Strong Growth in Digital Financial Transactions in the country in Q1 FY2020/21 (03-12-2020)
- SBP Issues Regulatory Framework to Facilitate Business to Consumer (B2c) e-Commerce Exports - (02-12-2020)
- Opening of Concerned Branches to Facilitate the Collection of Government Receipts / Duties / Taxes on November 30, 2020 - (29-11-2020)
- Monetary Policy Statement - (23-11-2020)
- SBP announces new regulatory incentives to promote low cost and affordable housing finance (20-11-2020)
- Announcement of Monetary Policy Statement (19-11-2020)
- SBP releases Annual Report on The State of Pakistan's Economy (18-11-2020)
- Reporting of Written Off/Waived Off Loans and Advanes of Corporate Borrowers to eCIB (12-11-2020)
- Prime Minister inaugurates Naya Pakistan Certificates (12-11-2020)
- Press Release on Workers' Remittances (12-11-2020)
- Banking Sector's performance and resilience remained satisfactory during H1CY20, says the
Mid-Year Performance Review of the Banking Sector (11-11-2020)
- Governor SBP emphasizes ongoing dialogue between the business community and policy makers during his visit of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry (07-11-2020)
- Governor SBP visited Lahore Chamber of Commerce & Industry (06-11-2020)
- SBP releases its Annual Performance Review for Financial Year 2019-20 (29-10-2020)
- SBP introduces a transparent mechanism with complete delegation to banks for remitting disinvestment proceeds to facilitate foreign direct investment (27-10-2020)
- Governor SBP inaugurates Polyculture Forest and Museum Laboratory (20-10-2020)
- Deposit Protection Corporation launches its website (20-10-2020)
- Governor SBP launches Digitization of FX Regulatory Approvals (16-10-2020)
- State Bank announces Government of Pakistan's markup subsidy for affordable housing finance (12-10-2020)
- Trend of Strong Workers' Remittances Continues in September (12-10-2020)
- Frequently Asked Questions in respect of Foreign Currency Accounts Rules
- Clarification on Foreign Currency Accounts Rules 2020 (11-10-2020)
- SBP introduces incentive and penalty mechanism for banks to promote housing and construction financing (07-10-2020)
- SBP issues guidelines for Development Finance Institutions to undertake Shariah compliant business (02-10-2020)
- Opening of Branches for Extended Hours to Facilitate The Collection of Government Duties / Taxes on September 30, 2020
- SBP Eases Cash Margin Restriction on Imports (24-09-2020)
- Monetary Policy Statement - (21-09-2020)
- Governor SBP shares initiatives of SBP to connect Non-Resident Pakistanis financially with their homeland in a Webinar organized by Pakistan Embassy in USA (17-09-2020)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (16-09-2020)
- Workers' Remittances Remain Strong in August (14-09-2020)
- Prime Minister Inaugurates Roshan Digital Account - An Initiative of SBP (10-09-2020)
- State Bank of Pakistan Designates Domestic Systemically Important Banks (03-09-2020)
- Revision of Guidelines on Stress Testing of the Banking Sector (02-09-2020)
- Public Holidays (26-08-2020)
- Banks disbursed Rs 1,215 billion during FY 2019-20 to agriculture sector amid COVID-19 pandemic (24-08-2020)
- SBP extends time for settlement of Foreign Currency Loans amid COVID-19 Pandemic (20-08-2020)
- SBP provides exporters an increased limit of Rs190 billion
- SBP enhances loan size under its refinance scheme to support women entrepreneurs (18-08-2020)
- Workers' Remittances rise to record monthly high in July 2020 (17-08-2020)
- SBP Allows Local Businesses to Make Instant Payments for Acquiring Services from Globally Recognized Digital Service Providers (13-08-2020)
- Public Holiday (12-08-2020)
- SBP enhances loan limits and expands relief measures for microfinance borrowers (10-08-2020)
- National Financial Literacy Program milestones achieved: SBP (05-08-2020)
- Normal Office Timings (01-08-2020)
- SBP releases Third Quarterly Report on the State of Pakistan's Economy (30.07.2020)
- State Bank of Pakistan renews the Status of VIS and PACRA as Eligible External Credit Assessment Institutions (ECAIs) (30.07.2020)
- SBP issues instructions for promotion of Islamic Banking (29-07-2020)
- Public Holidays (28-07-2020)
- SBP's facilitates businesses availing financing under Rozgar Scheme to disburse salaries before Eid-ul-Azha (24-07-2020)
- Announcement on Monetary Policy Committee Meeting (24-07-2020)
- SBP conducts a review of complaints against Banks/DFIs/MFBs from 2016 to 2019 (23.07.2020)
- SBP enhances scope of its Renewable Energy Refinance Scheme to encourage production of clean energy (22.07.2020)
- SBP gives mandatory targets to banks to increase housing & construction financing to at least 5% of private sector credit by December 2021 (15-07-2020)
- Record high workers' remittances received in June 2020 (13-07-2020)
- Office Timings (09-07-2020)
- SBP reduces markup rate to 5 percent on refinance schemes for investment and introduces other enhancements (08-07-2020)
- SBP extends the availability of Deferment of Principal Amount of Loans facility till September 2020 (07-07-2020)
- SBP enhances scope of refinance facility to support health facilities (06-07-2020)
- SBP calls meeting of Chambers of Commerce to seek input on Automation of Tax Refunds Project (02-07-2020)
- SBP extends the Rozgar Scheme for Supporting Employment for another 3 months and widens its scope in collaboration with Government of Pakistan (30-06-2020)
- Bank Holiday (29-06-2020)
- Monetary Policy Statement (25.06.2020)
- Governor SBP chairs first meeting of the Steering Committee on Housing and Construction Finance (23-06-2020)
- Banks performance under SBP Rozgar Refinance Scheme supported by Government of Pakistan's Risk Sharing Facility (19-06-2020)
- Opening of Branches to Facilitate the Collection of Government Receipts / Duties / Taxes on June 30, 2020 (19-06-2020)
- SBP calls meeting of Bank Presidents on Naya Pakistan Housing Program (17-06-2020)
- Financial Stability Review CY-19 suggests resilience of the banking sector to the COVID-19 pandemic (15-06-2020)
- Press Release on Workers' Remittances (12-06-2020)
- Governor SBP shares with Chambers of Commerce the measures to enhance utilization of Risk Sharing Facility under SBP's Rozgar Scheme (10.06.2020)
- SBP Reiterates not to share personal details on fake calls (07.06.2020)
- Opening of Seleted of Selected Branches on Wednesday. May 27, 2020 by Banks / MFBs (20-05-2020)
- Public Holidays (20-05-2020)
- SBP and ROZEE.PK join hands to impart free of cost financial literacy education (16-05-2020)
- Monetary Policy Statement - May 2020 (15.05.2020)
- Press Release on Workers' Remittances (11-05-2020)
- Announcement of Monetary Policy Statement (11-05-2020)
- State Bank enhances scope and financing limits under its Rozgar Scheme (11-05-2020)
- State Bank of Pakistan allows financing for BMR and expansion under its Temporary Economic Relief Facility (08-05-2020)
- Ministry of Finance and State Bank of Pakistan introduce risk-sharing mechanism to support bank lending to SMEs and small businesses to avail SBP's Refinance Facility to Support Employment (06-05-2020)
- State Bank reinforces its support to health sector in fight against COVID-19 (01-05-2020)
- Public Holiday (29.04.2020)
- Suspension of Dividends by banks/DFIs for two Quarters (22.04.2020)
- SBP provides further incentives for businesses to retain workers & employees and prevent layoffs (22.04.2020)
- Monetary Policy Statement (16.04.2020)
- Office Timing (15.04.2020)
- SBP releases Second Quarterly Report on the State of Economy (14.04.2020)
- Press Release on Workers' Remittances (10.04.2020)
- SBP introduced new refinance scheme to avoid layoff of workers (10.04.2020)
- SBP provides more flexibility to hospitals and medical centres under its Refinance Facility for Combating COVID-19 (06.04.2020)
- Availability of SBP Helpline for customers of banks and public warning against fraudsters calling for personal information citing situation under COVID-19 (06.04.2020)
- SBP extends its relief package to borrowers availing loans under Refinance Schemes (03.04.2020)
- National Financial Literacy Program for Youth (NFLP-Y) launches its eLearning Portal (02.04.2020)
- SBP implements Regulatory Approval System for ease of doing business (27.03.2020)
- SBP and PBA issue Relief Package for households and businesses to cope with impact of COVID-19 Pandemic (26.03.2020)
- Relaxation in Foreign Exchange Regulations to Facilitate Imports Against Advance Payment and Open Account Amid COVID-19 Pandemic (25.03.2020)
- Monetary Policy Statement - March 24, 2020 (24.03.2020)
- SBP takes measures to ensure continuous availability of banking services amid COVID-19 situation (23.03.2020)
- SBP takes measures to support exporters affected by loss of demand due to COVID-19
- Public Holiday (20.03.2020)
- State Bank Announces Measures to Facilitate Export-Oriented Sectors and Manufacturing Concerns (19.03.2020)
- SBP takes measures to promote Digital Payments amid COVID-19 Pandemic (18.03.2020)
- State Bank of Pakistan announces three measures to address the economic and health challenges posed by the spread of COVID-19 (17-03-2020)
- Monetary Policy Statement - March 17, 2020 (17.03.2020)
- Press Release on Workers Remittances (10.03.2020)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (09.03.2020)
- Collection of application forms along with dues from intending Pilgrims for Hajj 2020 (06.03.2020)
- Collection of Application Forms and Dues from Intending Pilgrims of Hajj 2020 (24.02.2020)
- Governor SBP apprises President Arif Alvi on measures for Differently Abled persons (21.02.2020)
- Seminar on Managing Crises in Emerging Markets (15.02.2020)
- Press Release on Workers' Remittances (12.02.2020)
- State Bank to Further Facilitate Freelancers (12.02-2020)
- Public Holiday (04.02-2020)
- SBP Takes Major Steps to Boost Digital Payments in the Country (03.02-2020)
- State Bank Announces Measures to Facilitate Export-Oriented Sectors and Manufacturing Concerns (28.01.2020)
- Monetary Policy Statement (28-01-2020)
- Dr. Murtaza Syed appointed as Deputy Governor SBP (28.01.2020)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (21.01.2020)
- SBP jointly organizes seminar on Firms and Growth (13.01.2020)
- Statement on Keynote address by Governor SBP, Dr Reza Baqir at Pakistan Banking Awards 2019 (11.01.2020) - Presentation
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- Press Release on Workers' Remittances (11.01.2020)
- Banking industry join hands to create Pakistan Corporate Restructuring Company Limited (PCRCL) (10.01.2020)
- Banks to electronically submit foreign exchange related cases through SBP Online Portal (07.01.2020)
- SBP releases First Quarterly Report on the State of Economy (06.01.2020)
- Converting of existing (ATM) card portfolios to EMV chip and PIN (02.01.2020)
- Tax Regime for Non-Residents simplified to encourage investment in long-term debt securities (02.01.2020)

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