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- Bank Holiday (27.12.2017)
- Opening of concerned bank branches to facilitate the collection of Government duties / taxes on December 30, 2017 (26.12.2017)
- Prime Minister launches Policy for promotion of SME Finance (22.12.2017)
- Prime Minister launches scheme for promotion of home remittances through M-wallets (22.12.2017)
- SBP clarifies financing gap numbers (20.12.2017)
- Public Holiday (19.12.2017)
- The banking sector has remained sound and stable in Q3CY17, says the 3rd QPR of the Banking Sector (12.12.2017)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $8 billion in the first five months of FY18 (11.12.2017)
- Revised Instructions regarding Making and Dispatch of Shipping Documents by the Exporters(11.12.2017)
- Upgrading core Banking system (08.12.2017)
- PKR - US$ exchange rate adjusts in the interbank market (08.12.2017)
- State Banks calls for Banks to accelerate adoption of PayPak Cards for providing low cost and efficient payment solutions to consumers (07.12.2017)
- Asaan Remittance Account.(06.12.2017)
- SBP enhances Quarterly Compendium; provides detailed coverage on performance and soundness of MFBs.(06.12.2017)
- SBP takes notice of skimming incidences - relevant Bank to compensate fully its customers.(05.12.2017)
- Public Holiday (30.11.2017)
- Monetary Policy Statement (24.11.2017)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (22.11.2017)
- Deputy Governor SBP for review of Banks' Business Models to Adapt to the Changing landscape (22.11.2017)
- SBP's Seminar on Pakistan 's Upcoming AML/CFT Mutual Evaluation (13.11.2017)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $6.4 billion in the first four months of FY18 (09.11.2017)
- SBP releases its Annual Performance Review for Financial Year 2016-17 (31.10.2017)
- SBP signs MoU with the Central Bank of Philippines on bilateral central banking cooperation.(27-10-2017)
- Press Release: State Bank suspends license of M/s Al-Hameed International Money Exchange (Pvt.) Ltd.(24-10-2017)
- Deputy Governor SBP lauds improvement in security conditions and its positive impact on economic activities (20.10.2017)
- Economy continued to expand, posting a decade high real GDP growth of 5.3 percent (12.10.2017)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $4.8 billion in the first three months of FY18. (10.10.2017)
- Press Release on State Bank's Business Confidence Survey (Telephonic) (08.10.2017)
- NAB investigation against SBP officials (06.10.2017)
- Governor State Bank of Pakistan, Tariq Bajwa inaugurates Helpline to facilitate Banking Consumers (05.10.2017)
- Agreement to initiate collection of Government taxes and duties through internet banking and ATM
- Consumers' confidence on Pakistan's economy improves: CC Survey (29.09.2017)
- Monetary Policy Statement (29.09.2017)
- Opening of concerned bank branches (28.09.2017)
- Announcement of Monetary Policy (27.09.2017)
- State Bank issues 'Guidelines for Clearing Operations' to facilitate general public for timely realization of funds in their accounts (21.09.2017)
- State Bank grants commencement of banking business to Bank of China Limited (18.09.2017)
- State Bank issues revised instructions regarding imports made on open account basis (15.09.2017)
- SBP Governor meets Pakistan Business Council, highlights positive in the economy (15.09.2017)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $3.5 billion in the first two months of FY18 (12.09.2017)
- Broad based and robust growth witnessed in advances to private sector, says QPR of the Banking Sector (08.09.2017)
- SBP revises outward/inward cash carrying limits of Pakistan currency notes (PKR) for international travelers (05.09.2017)
- SBP issues fresh banknotes worth Rs. 168 billion on Eid Ul Azha 2017 (31.08.2017)
- Potential imposition of Civil Penalty on Habib Bank Limited - New York Branch by New York State Department of Financial Services (28.08.2017)
- Public Holiday (28.08.2017)
- Governor SBP Urges Banks to Address Geographical And Sectoral Imbalances for achieving Rs 1 Trillion agri-credit target for FY 2017-18 (26.08.2017)
- Governor SBP launches Refinance and Credit Guarantee Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs in Underserved Areas (25.08.2017)
- Governor SBP visits Pakistan Security Printing Corporation (17.08.2017)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $1.54 billion in the first month of FY18 (10.08.2017)
- Banks Disbursed Agricultural Credit of Rs 704.5 billion in FY 2016-17 (26.07.2017)
- Monetary Policy Statement - Jul 22, 2017 (22.07.2017)
- Governor, SBP meets with Presidents / CEOs of Commercial Banks (19.07.2017)
- SBP Governor's Press Conference on Monetary Policy (19.07.2017)
- Overseas Pakistani workers remit US$19.3 billion in FY17 (10.07.2017)
- Mr. Tariq Bajwa appointed as Governor SBP (07.07.2017)
- The financial sector remains in a sound and stable state, says the SBP's Financial Stability Review for CY16 (07.07.2017)
- Revision of External Sector Statistics by Incorporating Permissible Offshore Accounts Transactions (05.07.2017)
- SBP acquires Pakistan Security Printing Corporation (05.07.2017)
- PKR - US$ exchange rate adjusts 3.1 percent in the interbank market (05.07.2017)
- Economy maintains its growth momentum, says SBP report (30.06.2017)
- Bank Holiday (29.06.2017)
- Fresh Note Issuance on Eid-ul-Fitr 2017 (23.06.2017)
- Revision of Selected Chapters of Foreign Exchange Manual (21.06.2017)
- Opening of Related Bank Branches to Facilitate the Collection of Government Duties / Taxes on 30th June, 2017 (21.06.2017)
- SBP Issues Framework for Risk Management in Outsourcing Arrangement by Financial Institutions (20.06.2017)
- State Bank's Fresh Currency Notes Service 8877 Receives Overwhelming Public Response (16.06.2017)
- State Bank signed Memorandum of Understanding for sharing information with Competition Commission of Pakistan (14.06.2017)
- Remittances by Authorized Dealers on behalf of Umrah Organizers (13-6-17)
- The banking sector continues its steady expansion,says the Quarterly Performance Review of the Banking Sector (13.06.2017)
- State Bank launches SMS Service for issuance of fresh currency notes (10.06.2017)
- Overseas Pakistani workers remit $17.5 billion in first eleven months of FY17 (09.06.2017)
- SBP Issues Enterprise Technology Governance & Risk Management Framework for Financial Institutions (31.05.2017)
- SECP-SBP establish the Council of Regulators to strengthen Financial Stability (26.05.2017)
- Bank Holiday (25.05.2017)
- SBP announces office & business hours during the holy month of Ramzan-ul-Mubarak (25.05.2017)
- Monetary Policy Statement - May 20, 2017 (20.05.2017)
- State Bank issues updated version of Foreign Exchange Manual-2017 (19.05.2017)
- Announcement of Monetary Policy (18.05.2017)
- State Bank grants banking licence to Bank of China (13.05.2017)
- Revision of FE-25 Export Loans Policy (10.05.2017)
- Overseas Pakistani workers remit $15.6 billion in first ten months of FY17 (10.05.2017)
- SBP advises Banks against Discriminating Consumer Finance Practices (08.05.2017)
- Bank Holiday (27.04.2017)
- Opening of Designated Branches on 22nd & 23rd April 2017(Saturday & Sunday) for the Collection of Hajj Applications alongwith Hajj Dues (19.04.2017)
- Heritage meeting rooms at SBP headquarters inaugurated (17-04-2017)
- SBP inks agreement on Banking and Payment Arrangement with Bank Markazi Jomhouri Islami Iran
- National Debt Retirement Program (12.04.2017)
- Book on corporate governance is an invaluable addition on the subject: Governor SBP (12.04.2017)
- Federal Government appoints Mr. Jameel Ahmad as Deputy Governor SBP (11.04.2017)
- Overseas Pakistani workers remit $14 billion in first nine months of FY17 (10.04.2017)
- SBP for renewal of the Status of JCR-VIS and PACRA as Eligible External Credit Assessment Institutions (ECAIs) for 2017 (04.04.2017)
- Edhi commemorative coin unveiled at the State Bank of Pakistan (31.03.2017)
- The overall economic environment continues to remain conducive for growth, the SBP Report says (31.03.2017)
- National Debt Retirement Program-Repayment of Deposits under NDRP-II (29.03.2017)
- Deputy Governor SBP for managing risks to stability of financial sector (28.03.2017)
- State Bank to Issue Rs. 50/- Abdul Sattar Edhi Commemorative Coin (28.03.2017)
- Facilitation for Collection of Government Duties / Taxes (28.03.2017)
- State Bank Clarifies Authenticity of Rs 500 Banknotes without OVI (27.03.2017)
- SBP to hold Agri Finance Awareness Program at Okara (27.03.2017)
- Monetary Policy Statement (25.03.2017)
- Announcement of Monetary Policy (22.03.2017)
- Bank Holiday (21.03.2017)
- Governor SBP takes stock of banking and development finance issues during his visit to Quetta (20.03.2017)
- SBP Issues Draft Framework on IT Governance & Risk Management for Financial Institutions (14.03.2017)
- SBP takes media on-board over its meeting with CEOs of commercial banks (13.03.2017)
- Overseas Pakistani workers remit $12.3 billion in first eight months of FY17 (10.03.2017)
- SBP corrects misreported facts (04.03.2017)
- Growth in advances to private sectors exceeds historical trend, says the SBP's Fourth Quarterly Report for CY16 (03.03.2017)
- Imports from Afghanistan (27-2-2017)
- Imposition of 100% Cash Margin on Import of Certain Consumer Items (24.02.2017)
- Scam email on behalf of SBP-Governor  (21.02.2017)
- State Bank has come a long way towards development of business continuity field: SBP Governor (20.02.2017)
- Mr. Saeed Ahmad reappointed Deputy Governor, State Bank of Pakistan (13.02.2017)
- New Data Centre to tackle money laundering and terrorism financing at Financial Monitoring Unit (10.02.2017)
- Overseas Pakistani workers remit $11 billion in first seven months of FY17 (10.02.2017)
- State Bank signed MOU with Nepal Rastra Bank (09.02.2017)
- SBP categorically rejects allegations of involvement in money laundering (07.02.2017)
- Governor Wathra directs Banks to improve regional and sectoral allocation of agri. credit (03-02-2017)
- Governor SBP inaugurates exhibition of pencil sketches of late Edhi by Jimmy Engineer (30-01-2017)
- SBP and WB ink agreement on Technical Cooperation for achieving SBP's Strategic Goals (29.01.2017)
- Monetary Policy Statement ‘  (28.01.2017)
- SBP Governor’s Press Conference on Monetary Policy (26.01.2017)
- Reported TDRs in the Name of Politicians are Fake: SBP (19.01.2017)
- State Bank allows clearinghouse membership to CDNS (11.01.2017)
- Overseas Pakistani workers remit $9.4 billion in first half of FY17 (10.01.2017)

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