Publications / Annual Reports
Statistical Supplement 2020-2021
Section No.  
Notes, Symbols and Abbreviations
1 Selected Economic Indicators
1.1 Selected Economic Indictors
1.2 International Economic Indicators
2 Economic Growth, Savings and Investment
2.1 Gross National Income
2.2 Expenditure on Gross National Product
2.3 Gross Fixed Capital Formation
2.4 Investment and Savings at Current Prices
2.5 Area, Production and Yield of Important Crops
2.6 Production of Selected Manufactured Goods and Minerals
2.7 Agricultural Credit Disbursement, Recoveries and Outstanding (Net)
2.8 Holding-Wise Agricultural Credit Disbursement
2.9 Land Holding-Wise Farm Loan Disbursement
2.10 Financing for Fixed Industrial Investment to the Private Sector -Disbursement
2.11 Flow of Funds Accounts of Pakistan
3 Prices
3.1 Combined Consumer Price Index Number by Commodity Groups (All Urban)
3.2 Index Number of Wholesale Prices by Commodity Groups and Sensitive Price Indicator by Income Groups
3.3 Average Retail Prices of Essential Items
3.4 GDP Deflator
4 Public Finance
4.1 Consolidated Fiscal Operations (Federal & Provincial)
4.2 Federal Government Revenue Receipts
4.3 Federal Government Expenditure and Lending
4.4 Consolidated Provincial Governments Fiscal Operation
4.5 Provincial Government Fiscal Operations
4.6 Federal Board of Revenue Tax Collection
4.7 Zakat Receipts
5 Money and Credit 
5.1 Reserve Money
5.2 Currency in Circulation
5.3 Monetary Ratios
5.4 Monetary Aggregates
5.5 Liabilities and Assets of the State Bank of Pakistan-Issue Department
5.6 Liabilities of the State Bank of Pakistan-Banking Department
5.7 Assets of the State Bank of Pakistan-Banking Department
5.8 Secondary Market Transactions in Government Securities
5.9 Sale / Purchase of Treasury Bills Under Open Market Operation by SBP with Banks
5.10 Use of SBP Overnight Repo/ Reverse Repo
5.11 Profile of Pakistan Investment Bonds (PIBs)
5.12 KIBOR
5.13 Scheduled Banks’ Call Money Borrowings
5.14 Scheduled Banks’ Repo Money Borrowings-Yield1
5.15 Inter-Bank Average Repo and Call Rates
5.16 State Bank of Pakistan Rates for Banks
6 Banking System
6.1 Scheduled Banks’ Liabilities and Assets
6.2 Classification of Scheduled Banks' Advances by Borrowers
6.3 Classification of Scheduled Banks' Advances by Securities Pledged
6.4 Classification of Scheduled Banks' Advances by Size of Account
6.5 Scheduled Banks' Deposits Distributed by Category of Deposit Holders & Type of Accounts
6.6 Scheduled Banks' Deposits Distributed by Type of Account
6.7 Province/Region wise Deposits by Categories
6.8 Province/Region wise Advances by Borrowers
6.9 Province/Region wise Disbursement & Utilization of Advances
6.10 Province/Region wise Advances by place of Disbursement & Utilization
6.11 Province/Region wise Advances by place of Utilization & Disbursement
6.12 Scheduled Banks' Deposits Distributed by Size of Account
6.13 Weighted Average Lending and Deposit Rates
6.14 Non Performing Loans
6.15 Electronic Banking Statistics
6.16 Islamic Banking Statistics
6.17 Scheduled Banks Operating in Pakistan
7 Capital Market
7.1 KSE 100 & All Shares Index
7.2 Market Capitalisation of PSX all Shares
7.3 Pakistan Stock Exchange Indicators
7.4 Turnover of Shares at Pakistan Stock Exchange
8 Domestic and External Debt
8.1 Pakistan’s Debt and Liabilities-Summary
8.2 Pakistan’s Debt and Liabilities-Profile
8.3 Outstanding Domestic debt of Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs)
8.4 Government Domestic Debt and Liabilities
8.5 National Saving Schemes (Outstanding Amount)
8.6 Rates of Profit on National Saving Schemes
8.7 Grant Assistance Agreement Signed
8.8 Commitments & Disbursements of Loans and Grants by Type
8.9 Total Loans and Credits Contracted
8.10 Pakistan’s External Debt and Liabilities
8.11 Disbursement of External Loans by Country
8.12 Disbursement of Foreign Economic Assistance by Type
8.13 Disbursement of Foreign Private Debt by Economic Group
8.14 Outstanding Position of Foreign Private Debt by Economic Group
8.15 Pakistan's External Debt Servicing -Principal
8.16 Pakistan's External Debt Servicing -Interest
9 External Sector
9.1 Exchange Rates - Authorised Dealer
9.2 Indices of Nominal Effective Exchange Rate(NEER) and Real Effective Exchange Rate(REER) of Pak Rupees
9.3 Monthly Average Exchange Rate - Kerb Market
9.4 Pakistan's Balance of Payments
9.5 Medium And Long Term Capital Flows
9.6 Foreign Currency Deposits
9.7 Workers’ Remittances
9.8 Gold and Foreign Exchange Reserves
9.9 Net Inflow of Foreign Private Investment by Countries
9.10 Foreign Direct Investment by Economic Groups
9.11 International Investment Position of Pakistan
9.12 Balance of Trade
9.13 Reconciliation of Exports Compiled by PBS and SBP
9.14 Reconciliation of Imports Compiled by PBS and SBP
9.15 Terms of Trade and Indices of by Groups
9.16 Exports and Imports by Commodity Groups/ Principal Commodity
9.17 Exports and Imports by Selected Countries/Territories
10 Social Sector Developments
10.1 Education Sector Indicators
10.2 Health Sector Indicators
10.3 Labor Force and Employment
10.4 Pro-poor Budgetary Expenditure
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