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BANK HOLIDAY (30-12-2021)

- SBP Introduces Shariah Compliant Liquidity Facilities for Islamic Banking Institutions (29-12-2021)
- Opening of concerned branches for collection of Government Receipts/ Duties/ taxes on 30th and 31st December, 2021
- Prime Minister awards best performing banks to mark Rs 100 billion approvals under MPMG (24-12-2021)
- Public Holiday (23-12-2021)
- Governor SBP witnesses the disbursement of first loan under SME Asaan Finance (SAAF) Scheme in Multan (21-12-2021)
- Governor SBP visits MCCI reassuring business community facilitation for priority sectors Agriculture, SMEs, Housing and Exports - (21-12-2021)
- Governor SBP Dr. Reza Baqir appreciates banks for providing agriculture credit of over Rs1.3 trillion during FY21 and sets target of Rs1.7 trillion for FY22 (20-12-2021)
- SBP Takes More Measures to Enhance Documentation and Transparency in Foreign Exchange Transactions through Exchange Companies (19-12-2021)
- Monetary Policy Statement (14-12-2021)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in November 2021 (13-12-2021)
- Governor SBP Dr. Reza Baqir unveils Asaan Mobile Account to enable opening of branchless banking accounts (13-12-2021)- Picture
- SBP to launch Asaan Mobile Account (12-12-2021)
- SBP revises prudential regulation for Microfinance Banks (11-12-2021)
- Governor SBP Dr. Reza Baqir appointed as Chairman of the Council of Islamic Financial Services Board (10-12-2021) - Picture
- Governor SBP Dr. Reza Baqir delivers the keynote speech at 13th IFSB Public Lecture Series (09-12-2021)
- Clarifications: Monetary Policy Decisions (29-11-2021)
- Joint press Release of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and Saudi Fund for Development (SFD)Deposit Agreement Signed between the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) and the State Bank of Pakistan (29-11-2021)
- Macroeconomic Analysis and Projections in SBP's Annual Report FY21 (27-11-2021)
- PM inaugurates Sohni Dharti Remittance Program - an initiative to promote remittances through formal channels (25-11-2021)
- SBP releases Annual Report on The State of Pakistan's Economy (24-11-2021)
- SBP strengthens Corporate Governance Regulatory Framework for Banks and DFIs (22-11-2021)
- Clarification on Inflation target and forecast (22-11-2021)
- Governor SBP hosted Director General FIA and Banks’ Presidents to strengthen coordination against money laundering, digital frauds, and cyber-attacks (20-11-2021)
- SBP increases the number of Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meetings from six to eight times a year in line with international best practices (19-11-2021)
- Monetary Policy Statement (19-11-2021)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (16-11-2021)
- SBP digitizes process for banking policy regulatory approvals to enhance efficiency and promote Green Banking Practices (15-11-2021)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in October 2021 (14-11-2021)
- SBP raises Banks’ Cash Reserve Requirement from 5 percent to 6 percent to contain monetary expansion and moderate domestic demand (13-11-2021)
- Governor SBP meets with Governors of Saudi Central Bank and Bank Indonesia (11-11-2021)
- Governor SBP terms digital transformation of financial services a necessity for the speedy growth of global Islamic Financial Services industry (10-11-2021)
- Eight banks to roll out collateral-free loan scheme for SMEs from State Bank and Government of Pakistan (03-11-2021)
- Pakistan's Economy rebounded strongly in Fiscal Year 2021 despite COVID related challenges: SBP releases its Annual Performance Review for Financial Year 2020-21 (29-10-2021)
- As applications for low cost housing cross Rs. 200 billion Governor SBP asks banks to increase the pace of approvals that have already reached Rs. 78 billion (27-10-2021)
- Digital payments adoption continues its journey on upward trajectory in FY21 (22-10-2021)
- Public Holiday (15-10-2021)
- SBP instructs Banks to Digitize Corporate Payments (15-10-2021)
- Opening of Branches to Facilitate the Collection of Government Receipts / Duties / Taxes on October 15, 2021 (14-10-2021)
- SBP to Issue Rs 70 Commemorative Coin to Mark 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Pakistan and Germany (14-10-2021)
- Deposit Protection Corporation issues its Annual Report 2020-21 (14-10-2021)
- SBP eases conditions for renewable energy solution providers under renewable energy financing scheme (11-10-2021)
- President of Pakistan launches Roshan Apna Ghar in UAE (09-10-2021)
- State Bank launches dedicated landing webpage on promoting housing and construction finance (08-10-2021)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in September 2021 (08-10-2021)
- SBP takes measures to curb undesirable foreign currency outflow (06-10-2021)
- SBP Imposes 100% Cash Margin Requirement on Import of additional 114 Items (30-09-2021)
- Collection of Government Receipts/Duties/Taxes on 29th & 30th September, 2021 (28-09-2021)
- NIBAF holds event to advocate girl's education & financial literacy (27-09-2021)
- Deposit Protection Corporation enhances the Guarantee Amount up to PKR 500,000; 95 percent of the eligible depositors are now fully protected (24-09-2021)
- State Bank of Pakistan revises Prudential Regulations for Consumer Financing to moderateimport and demand growth (23-09-2021)
- Monetary Policy Statement (20-09-2021)
- President of Pakistan unveils SBP's 'Banking on Equality' Policy to reduce gender gap in financial inclusion (17-09-2021)
- Banking on Equality policy to set the stage for gender diversity and inclusion in financial sector (16-09-2021)
- SBP enables resident Pakistanis to open bank accounts through digital channels (15-09-2021)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (10-09-2021)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in August 2021 (10-09-2021)
- Bank Lending for Affordable Housing Gains Momentum (08-09-2021)
- State Bank issues guidelines to promote housing finance in under construction projects (02-09-2021)
- State Bank enhances investment opportunities for Non-Resident Pakistanis and facilitates inflow of funds in Roshan Digital Accounts through Money Transfer Operators (30-08-2021)
- Prime Minister launches Roshan Apna Ghar, another initiative of SBP to facilitate overseas Pakistanis in housing (27-08-2021)
- State Bank launches Roshan Apna Ghar Scheme for Overseas Pakistanis (25-08-2021)
- State Bank of Pakistan addresses concerns and brings transparency in the sale of third party products for consumer convenience and protection (25-08-2021)
- SBP Completes Digitization of the Regulatory Approval System for Foreign Exchange cases to support Ease of Doing Business (23-08-2021)
- Interest free loans approved for meritorious students under Student Loan Scheme (20-08-2021)
- SBP introduces innovative SME Asaan Finance scheme (SAAF) for lending to SMEs without collateral (16-08-2021)
- Governor SBP shares the positive outlook of the economy and facilitation measures for businesses with FPCCI (12-08-2021)
- PUBLIC HOLIDAY - August 14, 2021 (11-08-2021)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in July 2021 (10-08-2021)
- Agriculture Credit Disbursement Remains Resilient Despite Challenges Posed By COVID-19 (10-08-2021)
- SBP Notifies Changes in Foreign Exchange Manual to Promote Ease of Doing Business (05-08-2021)
- SBP announces new initiatives at Fifth Stakeholders' Meeting on Digital Financial Services (03-08-2021)
- Monetary Policy Statement (27-07-2021)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (23-07-2021)
- SBP makes amendments in forex regulations related to imports including transition from Electronic Import Form to Pakistan Single Window (19-07-2021)
- SBP releases Third Quarterly Report on The State of Pakistan’s Economy (16-07-2021)
- Prime Minister appreciates unprecedented growth in housing and construction finance (15-07-2021)
- PUBLIC HOLIDAYS (15-07-2021)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in June 2021 (13-07-2021)
- SBP Further Enhances Consumer Grievance Handling Mechanism at Banks (13-07-2021)
- Financial System exhibited resilience amid COVID-19 says Financial Stability Review CY20 of SBP (07-07-2021)
- SBP starts releasing data on progress of Roshan Digital Account, depicting record inflows in June (03-07-2021)
- SBP amends foreign exchange regulations to facilitate exports through Pakistan Single Window and International Platforms (02-07-2021)
- Deputy Governor SBP unveils Commemorative Stamp on completion of first decade of SBP Museum (02-07-2021)
- Digital Transactions Continue to Show Robust Growth in Q3 FY21: SBP (28-06-2021)
- President of Pakistan launches SBP’s policy for financial Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (21-06-2021)
- State Bank of Pakistan and JazzCash join hands to increase financial literacy among youth (19-06-2021)
- SBP mandates Banks to use estimation models for assessing informal income to extend low cost housing finance (17-06-2021)
- SBP maintains free IBFT pricing for transactions up to Rs25,000 per month and allows capped charges for higher amounts in new instructions (16-06-2021)
- State Bank of Pakistan renews the Status of VIS and PACRA as Eligible External Credit Assessment Institutions (ECAIs) (16-06-2021)
- SBP issues instructions to enhance the Stability and Soundness of Islamic Banking (14-06-2021)
- SBP proposes framework for facilitating Pakistani exporters to sell products through international digital marketplaces (14-06-2021)
- General Assembly of Islamic Financial Services Board appoints Governor SBP Dr. Reza Baqir as its Chairman for the year 2022 (11-06-2021)
- State Bank of Pakistan Issues Rs 70 Commemorative Coin to Mark 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and Pakistan (10-06-2021)
- Press Release of Workers’ Remittances in May 2021 (10-06-2021)
- SBP facilitates account opening of mentally disordered persons through court appointed manager (08-06-2021)
- SBP releases Second Quarterly Report on the State of Pakistan's Economy for FY21 (03-06-2021)
- SBP amends capital adequacy regulations to facilitate Banks/DFIs investment in REITs to boost housing and construction sector (02-06-2021)
- Monetary Policy Statement (28-05-2021)
- SBP introduces Convertible Debt for raising financing from Abroad (26-05-2021)
- Special ATM Monitoring during Ramadan and Eid-ul-Fitr bears substantial results (24-05-2021)
- SBP Clarification (22-05-2021)
- Cancellation of Authorization issued to M/s Karwan Exchange Company 'B' (Pvt.) Limited (20-05-2021)
- State Bank revises Statutory Liquidity Reserve (SLR) Requirement of Exchange Companies to enable them to channelize increased volume of Home Remittances (20-05-2021)
- SBP introduces advance calendar of Monetary Policy Committee meetings to enhance predictability and transparency
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in April 2021
- Reverting to Normal Office Timings
- State Bank of Pakistan and Unilever Pakistan join hands to promote Renewable Energy
- Public Holidays
- Prime Minister lauds support of Overseas Pakistanis, banks and SBP as he marks Roshan Digital Account crossing $1billion and launches Roshan Apni Car and Roshan Samaaji Khidmat
- Momentum for growth in housing and construction finance is building: SBP and PBA
- SBP - SECP Revised the Terms of Reference of their Joint Task Force (JTF)
- SBP announces office & business hours during the month of Ramadan-ul-Mubarak (13.04.2021)
- Bank Holiday (12-04-2021)
- Governor SBP announces important measures for deepening the debt and capital markets at the Gong Ceremony held by PSX (12-04-2021)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in Mar 2021 (12-04-2021)
- SBP holds SAARCFINANCE webinar on economic modeling and forecasting practices (06-04-2021)
- SBP unveils ambitious Third Five-year Strategic Plan for Islamic Banking Industry (05-04-2021)
- SBP Invites views for Revision of Foreign Exchange Manual related to Commercial Remittances (05-04-2021)
- SBP issues comprehensive instructions to banks to enhance customer experience with Call Centers (01-04-2021)
- Governor SBP steers Fourth Stakeholders' Meeting on Digital Financial Ecosystem (31-03-2021)
- SBP and CGA Sign MOU for Digitizing Government Payments through Raast
- SBP Develops Digital Bank Regulatory Framework Draft for Public Consultation (26-03-2021)
- SBP issues instructions to banks to implement Government decision to make it easier for the general public to avail bank finance for affordable housing
- SBP reports highest growth in Islamic banking assets and deposits since 2015
- SBP reforms regulations to facilitate Banks/DFIs investment in REITs to boost housing and construction sector (22-03-2021)
- Monetary Policy Statement - (19-03-2021)
- Strong Growth In Digital Financial Transactions In The Country In Q2 FY2020/21 - (18-03-2021)
- SBP facilitates business community and promotes ease of doing business through end-to-end digitalization of approval of foreign exchange related cases in the banking system (16-03-2021)
- Press Release of Monetary Policy Announcement (16-03-2021)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in February 2021 (11-03-2021)
- SBP enhances Digitization Initiatives in Banks/MFBs (10-03-2021)
- SBP celebrates International Women's Day vowing to increase women's role in Pakistan's financial sphere (09-03-2021)
- Global policy makers and practitioners laud SBP's effort to advance women's financial inclusion through Banking on Equality Policy (23-02-2021)
- Governor Baqir to moderate Consultative Dialogue on SBP's Banking on Equality Policy hosted by World Bank (21-02-2021)
- SBP Facilitates Exporters to Allow them to Make More Types of Payments to Promote Exports: SBP (19-02-2021)
- SBP makes Digital and Card Transactions more secure and easier (19-02-2021)
- Prime Minister pays tribute to Overseas Pakistanis for their confidence in Roshan Digital Account (18-02-2021)
- Government Announces a New Simplified and Convenient Tax Regime for Roshan Digital Accounts (16-02-2021)
- SBP eases applicants in availing housing loans during construction period in the Governments subsidized scheme through personal guarantees (15-02-2021)
- Press Release of Workers' Remittances in January 2021 (15-02-2021)
- SBP Modernizes Foreign Exchange Regulations to facilitate Start-ups, Fintechs and Exports - (10-02-2021) - Background Note
- PUBLIC HOLIDAY - (03-02-2021)
- Monetary Policy Statement - (22-01-2021)
- SBP launches complaint resolution portal to promote affordable housing (21-01-2021)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (19-01-2021)
- State Bank of Pakistan voted as the best central bank for promoting Islamic finance (13-01-2021)
- PM Launches Raast: Pakistan's Instant Payment System - an initiative of SBP - (11-01-2021)
- Workers' Remittances Maintain Strong Momentum in December 2020 (08.01.2021)
- Governor SBP steers the third Stakeholders Meeting on Digital Financial Services (07.01.2021)
- SBP releases First Quarterly Report on the State of Pakistan's Economy (05.01.2021)

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