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 Micro Payment Gateway:

Project background and introduction

The Micro Payments Gateway (MPG) project is an on-going collaboration between Karandaaz and the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). The project aims to improve payment infrastructure, with the objectives of further developing digital financial services, reducing reliance on cash, and driving financial inclusion in Pakistan. MPG will become a core component of Pakistan’s payment infrastructure that will enable individuals, businesses, and government entities to make any payment digitally in a simple, fast, low-cost, and secure manner.

Over the past 18 months, the MPG project has made significant progress and achieved many important milestones, including:

  • Defined the objectives and value proposition of MPG
  • Developed the business requirements and identified priority use cases
  • Designed the MPG technical architecture
  • Completed a two-stage procurement process and selected the technical implementation partner
  • Kicked-off implementation of the technical solution

The MPG project is currently in the mobilization phase, during which a proof of concept is being conducted for the technical solution and the infrastructure design is being finalized. Implementation of the first use case will begin promptly after the end of the mobilization phase, in February 2020.
In parallel to the work being conducted by the technical implementation partner, the MPG project team is putting significant efforts into engaging participants and preparing them for integration. As part of that effort, this is meant to provide participants with:

  • An overview of MPG and its solutions to digital payment challenges in Pakistan
  • High-level technical requirements that participants must meet to integrate with MPG

Advantages and key features of MPG

Technical requirements checklist

Next Steps for Participants

Correspondence with Industry


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