Banknote Designing

Banknote is just not an instrument of value, but a symbol of integrity and sovereignty. As such the security of banknote is of immense importance from the viewpoint of counterfeit threat. It is the responsibility of State Bank that together-with Pakistan Security Printing Corporation, the designs of the Banknotes should be such as to incorporate most modern and state of art security features to protect them against counterfeit attempts. The best way is to provide such covert features which a common man can use without the support of any tool or equipment to distinguish between a genuine and fake note.

The new series of banknotes is a combination of most modern overt and covert security features providing a man in the street enough features to quickly identify the authenticity of the banknote in use and working as strong deterrent against the counterfeit attempts. 100% cotton based paper prepared on international standards, printed with world standard ink on the most modern state of art printing techniques using the same technology as is being used by the major currencies of the world.

Banknote Printing:

Banknote printing is a completely different ball game compared to the commonly known commercial printing. It is a very advanced, highly complex and specialized technology.

Intaglio Printing – The most effective banknote security feature:

The most recognized and acknowledged feature of intaglio printing is a process specially designed for banknote printing, through the most intricate and exclusive machine technology using the design and plates developed by experts after utilizing their age old experiences and toiling through months of dedicated and focused hard work.

Machinery and Technology:

The precision of printing and the details that are required to produce all the necessary security features are entirely dependant upon the technology deployed and the reliability of the machines with a proven track record of world major currency printing.



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