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 Unclaimed Deposits:

A debt payable in Pakistan currency or any other currency is owing by a banking company by reason of a deposit, not being a deposit in the name of a minor or a Government or a court of law, at a branch of the banking company in respect of which no transaction has taken place and no statement of account has been requested or acknowledged by the creditor during a period of ten years are considered as unclaimed deposits.

In terms of Section 31 of Banking Company Ordinance 1962, all banks/DFIs in Pakistan are required to surrender to SBP all (fixed deposits, other deposits, cheque, draft and bill of exchange) deposits which have not been operated upon during the period of last ten years except deposits in the name of minor or government or court of law.

Procedure to view/access Unclaimed Deposits list:
  1. Select the unclaimed deposits list for the year concerned;
  2. Select the relevant bank/DFIs;
  3. Excel sheet will be displayed with all relevant information i.e. Branch Name, Province, Name of Account Holder, CNIC/Passport, Address and Amount; and
  4. Search your desired unclaimed deposit details with the help of ‘Ctrl+F’ tabs on the key board.

Procedure for filing unclaimed deposit refund claim:

The account holders/successors of unclaimed deposit(s) who are desirous to file refund claim of deposits, already surrendered to the State Bank of Pakistan by the banks/DFIs, are required to:

  1. approach concerned bank branch where account was opened/instrument was payable;
  2. in case where such branches have been closed/shifted, the nearest branch of the same bank can be contacted for initiating refund claim cases. In case of mergers/acquisitions, the nearest branch of the acquirer bank may be contacted for initiating refund. The notifications regarding mergers/acquisitions of the banks issued by SBP may be seen at the link given below: -
  1. File/lodge the refund claim with concerned branch of the bank along with following documents:

    3.1    application in original duly signed by the account holder envisaging the detail of the account maintained with the branch;
    3.2    copy of valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) etc.
    3.3   succession certificate duly issued by the competent court of law, in case of deceased unclaimed deposit account;
    3.4    indemnity bond on Rs. 100/- non judicial stamp paper invariably signed by all the legal heirs accompanied by application from all the legal heirs and copies of CNICs and death certificate of account holder/beneficiary of instrument, in case the deceased unclaimed deposit is less than Rs. 100,000 (Click here for the circular)
The branch manager will forward the request with all relevant record to the quarter concerned for onward submission to SBP for refund of claim.  SBP after due verification and process will refund the surrendered amount to the respective bank/DFI for onward credit to the applicants.

Year-wise list of Unclaimed Deposits

Bank-wise list of Unclaimed Deposits

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