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Frequently Asked Questions SSC/DSC

Q1: From where can I purchase SSC/DSC?

The certificates can be purchased from National Saving Centers, 16 Field offices of SBP BSC, Authorized Commercial Bank Branches and General Post Offices across Pakistan.

Q2: Who can invest in SSC/DSC?
All Pakistani Nationals, non-resident Pakistanis and Foreign Nationals.
Q3: What is the maturity period of SSC?
 Maturity period of Special Savings Certificate is 3 Years.

Q4: Can I transfer my SSC/DSC Certificates purchased from one SBP BSC Office to Other?
 Yes. You may transfer the certificates to other offices of SBP BSC.

What are the available denominations?
SSC/DSC are available in the denominations of Rs.500/-, Rs.1000/-, Rs. 5,000/-, Rs. 10,000/-, Rs. 50,000/-, Rs. 100,000/-, Rs. 500,000/- and Rs. 1,000,000/-

What are the modes of deposits in SSC/DSC?
SSC/DSC can be purchased by depositing cash/cheque/ draft/ pay-order at the Issuing Office.

Q7: Is there any deposit limit in SSC/DSC?
Yes, minimum deposit limit in SSC/DSC is Rs. 500/- but no limit in maximum investment.

Q8: Can I encash my certificates before maturity?
Yes. However, no profit is payable if encashment is made before completion of one complete year for DSCs and six months for SSCs from their date of issuance.

Q9: Are SSC/DSC transferable to another person?
Yes. The certificates can be transferred from one person to another by applying to the Chief Manger on SC-4 Form.

Q10:  Is Zakat Deductible at the time of encashment?
However, if Zakat Declaration Form (CZ-50) is submitted before 29th Shaban for the Zakat year, no zakat shall be deductible. Separate zakat declaration shall be submitted by each investor in case of joint investment.

Q11: Is Zakat applicable on both principle and profit?
For SSC, zakat is applicable only on principle i.e. face value of certificates. Whereas, on DSC, zakat is applicable on both principle and profit amount.

Q12: Is SSC/DSC pledged/Lien marked against bank loan?
Yes, SSC/DSC can be pledged/lien Marked against bank loans after 3 months from the date of investment.

Q13: Who will encash the certificates in case of death of investor?
When the Net Amount Payable (Principle + Net Profit) payable is less than Rs.100,000/- , Nominee shall be payable the proceeds of certificate. However, if Net Amount Payable (Principle + Net Profit) payment is more than Rs. 100,000/-, the proceeds shall be payable to the person declared as successor by the court of law. The successor shall present the Succession Certificate at the Issuing Office for transfer/encashment of certificates.

Q14: Can I purchase NSS Certificates other than SSC/DSC from SBP BSC Offices?
No. SBP BSC deals only in SSC/DSC.

Q15: Can I encash SSC/DSC from SBP BSC offices if purchased from NSS Centers?
No. Certificate can be encashed only at issuing office.

Q16: What should I do in case my Certificates are lost?
Please intimate issuing office regarding lost mark and submit: 1) copy of FIR 2) Indemnity Bond 3) Duplicate certificate Issuance form.


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