SBP’s role in promotion of sports in the country has emerged as the leading institution during last couple of years. It serves social aspect of the community as well as of its workforce by contributing good, healthy environment, providing sports facilities, conducting sports events and patronizing talented sportsmen. To institutionalize the sports activities in SBP, Sports Committee is in place to ensure that the desired results are achieved in a timely and well-coordinated manner. Presently, the regional sports activities in SBP & SBP-BSC encompass cricket, badminton, hockey, squash and table tennis.

State Bank of Pakistan’s contribution for the promotion of cricket has been recognized by all cricket loving people, players and institutions all over Pakistan. SBP holds every year six prestigious tournaments in all regions of Pakistan within the banking industry for the promotion of cricket in very vital banking industry that used to provide employment opportunities to most cricketers even breeding a nursery for Pakistan cricket team. We are very thankful to Pakistan Cricket board for their wonderful cooperation and recognition of State Bank of Pakistan’s efforts.

SBP cricket management has earned a great name in the cricket circles all over Pakistan and now it has become the leader in domestic cricket. With sustained efforts and ownership of the authorities, SBP sports players have the capacity to become equal partners with Cricket, Hockey and other sports bodies on international level as well.


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