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Annual Performance Review 2016 - 2017


   Download Complete Report (7,872 MB)
  Title     (Size in pdf 379 KB)
  Letter of Transmittal    (Size in pdf 167 KB)
  The Team    (Size in pdf 156 KB)
  Contents     (Size in pdf 278 KB)
  Governor's Review    (Size in pdf 498 KB)
  Governance Structure of State Bank of Pakistan     (Size in pdf 540 KB)

Chapter 1

Enhancing Effectiveness of Monetary Policy   (Size in pdf 319 KB)
Chapter 2 Payment Systems    (Size in pdf 454 KB)
Chapter 3

Strengthening Financial System Stability and Effectiveness  (Size in pdf 512 KB)

Chapter 4

Broadening Access to Financial Services  (Size in pdf 675 KB)

Chapter 5

Islamic Banking  (Size in pdf 413 KB)


Chapter 6

Institutional Strengthening               (Size in pdf 546 KB)
Chapter 7

SBP Subsidiaries  (Size in pdf 331 KB)

Chapter 8

Financial Performance  (Size in pdf 337 KB)

Chapter 9 Consolidated Financial Statements  (Size in pdf 1,757 MB)

Chapter 10

Unconsolidated Financial Statements of SBP  (Size in pdf 2,246 MB)

Chapter 11

SBP - BSC Financial Statements  (Size in pdf 1,520 MB)


Chapter 12

NIBAF Financial Statements  (Size in pdf 1,353 MB)



Chapter 13

Financial Statements of PSPC  (Size in pdf 2,142 MB)





Chronology of Important Policy Announcements  (Size in pdf 405 KB)

Annexure-B Organizational Chart  (Size in pdf 169 KB)
Annexure-C Management Directory   (Size in pdf 330 KB)
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