Notice Board
Data Revision Policy
Revision Study for SBP NEER-REER series New
Discontinuation of Inflation Snapshot
Note on Improvement in the Compilation Methodology of Country-Wise Workers' Remittances
Reclassification of Advances/Deposit Data
Impact of Reclassification of PSEs on Monetary Statistics
Advance Notice on Changes in Compilation Methodology of Monetary Statistics - MFSM
Updating of cif margins on imports payments for Pakistan Balance of Payments compilation (Notification)
Survey to assess I.T. capacity of Exchange Companies
Revision study for the Implementation of BPM6 for BOP statistics
SBP decides to disseminate FDI data on both inflows and outflows basis
SBP enhances coverage & quality of external debt statistics by adopting Special Data Dissemination Standard
Revision Study for Real Effective Exchange Rate _REER
Revision Note on Debt Servicing Format
Note on the Change in Compilation Methodology of Monetary Statistics
Notice of Methodological Changes in the Statistics on International Accounts
Monetary Statistics Revision Study
Balance of Payments Statistics Revision Study
External Debt Statistics Revision Study
Revision Study of External Sector Statistics
Revision study of External Sector Statisticis - 2020
Explanatory Note on Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs)




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