Financial Stability

 Financial Stability Assessment:
 Periodic Assessments:

Financial Stability Review:
Financial Stability Review (FSR) Report is an annual document which provides comprehensive analysis on financial sector covering Banks and Non-bank Financial Institutions, Financial Markets and Financial Market Infrastructure. The core purpose of FSR is to identify key risks (both idiosyncratic and systemic) that could hinder or halt the smooth functioning of the financial sector and discuss their back and forth linkages to other sectors of the economy i.e. external, fiscal, monetary, and real.  Latest Financial Stability Review can be accessed at the

Quarterly Performance Review(QPR) of the Banking Sector:
One of the important functions of the Central Bank of any country is to provide the market with the latest developments in the financial sector. Since banking sector comprises three-fourth of the total financial sector assets of the country, it is imperative that timely information on the sector should be provided by the Central Bank. In this regard, the SBP publishes a QPR of the Banking Sector with analysis on performance and soundness of the banking sector and also discuss future outlook for the forthcoming quarter. Latest QPR can be accessed at the

Quarterly Compendium(QC):
In addition to qualitative information, statistics of the financial sector are of utmost importance to different stakeholders (regulators, educational institutions, public and private sector) of the economy. To cater to such needs, every quarter, SBP publishes comprehensive data on banking system through QC status of the banking system. The compendium covers detailed statistics on the banking sector, Islamic banking and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) encompassing Balance Sheet structure, earnings quality, Asset Quality, Capital Adequacy, and Stress Testing Results. Latest QC can be accessed at the

Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs):
In addition to detailed banking sector statistics, compendium also covers comprehensive set of Financial Soundness Indicators. To streamline FSIs with international standards, SBP, in coordination with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), has developed Core and Encouraged FSIs and metadata as per IMF's compilation guide on FSIs. These FSIs include indicators having systemic implications owing to their linkages with the banking sector. In addition to core FSIs on the banking sector, it covers encouraged FSIs and provides enhanced coverage on Other Financial Corporations (OFCs), Non-Financial Corporations (NFCs), Market liquidity, and Real Estate markets. Both Core and Encouraged FSIs have been regularly published in the Quarterly Compendium since June, 2015. Moreover, these are also uploaded on the IMF website, which can be accessed at their website using the following


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