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- Revision of Selected Chapters of Foreign Exchange Manual (20-07-2019)
- State Bank designates Domestic Systemically Important Banks (18-07-2019)
- Monetary Policy Statement - July 2019 (16.07.2019)
- SBP releases Third Quarterly Report on State of Economy for FY19 (15-07-2019)
- Monetary Policy Announcement (12-07-2019)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $21.84 billion during FY19 (10-07-2019)
- Bank Holiday (28-06-2019)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $20.19 billion in the first eleven months of FY19 (14-06-2019)
- Fresh currency note issuance on Eid-ul-Fitr 2019 (03-06-2019)
- Interest free loans approved for meritorious students under Student Loan Scheme (03-06-2019)
- Public Holidays (29-05-2019)
- State Bank’s fresh currency notes service 8877 receives overwhelming public response (29.05.2019)
- State Bank renews status of VIS and PACRA as eligible external credit assessment institutions
- Monetary Policy Statement - May 2019 (20.05.2019)
- State Bank relaunches 8877 SMS service for issuance of fresh currency notes
- Announcement of Monetary Policy (16.05.2019)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $17.9 billion in the first ten months of FY19 (10.05.2019)
- Dr. Reza Baqir Appointed as Governor SBP (05.05.2019)
- SBP announces office & business hours during the month of Ramadan-ul-Mubarak (03-05-2019)
- Bank Holiday (03.05.2019)
- Public Holiday (29.04.2019)
- 23rd Zahid Husain Memorial Lecture (19-04-2019)
- Treasury Single Account (17.04.2019)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $16.1 billion in the first nine months of FY19 (12.04.2019)
- SBP launches Electronic Money Institutions Regulations (01.04.2019)
- State Bank holds SAARCFINANCE Seminar on Internal Audit (30.03.2019)
- Monetary Policy Statement - March 2019 (29.03.2019)
- Opening of branches to facilitate the collection of Government receipts/duties/taxes on March 30, 2019 (28.03.2019)
- State Bank establishes facilitation desk for foreign exchange matters (28.03.2019)
- Announcement of Monetary Policy (27.03.2019)
- State Bank releases Second Quarterly Report on the State of Economy (25.03.2019)
- State Bank holds special exhibition to celebrate Pakistan Resolution Day (23.03.2019)
- SBP reiterates currency note features to help visually impaired persons (21.03.2019)
- SBP Announces Concessionary Financing Facility for Special persons (19.03.2019)
- Expansion of local CNY Clearing and Settlement Mechanism in Pakistan (19.03.2019)
- State Bank conducts awareness campaign on SME finance in Sialkot, Gujranwala and Gujrat (15.03.2019)
- State Bank updates foreign exchange and exchange companies manuals (15.03.2019)
- State Bank supporting SMEs for setting up business and its growth (14.03.2019)
- State Bank urges SMEs to take benefit from SBP's SME Finance Policy and Refinance Facilities (13.03.2019)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $14.3 billion in the first eight months of FY19 (11.03.2019)
- Deposit Agreement between the State Bank of Pakistan and Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (09.03.2019)
- Collection of applications along with dues for Hajj 2019 (07.03.2019)
- SBP Instructed Banks to Accept Proof of Registration (PoR) Card as Acceptable Identity Document for Opening Accounts of Afghan Refugees (01.03.2019)
- Opening of Designated Bank Branches on 2nd & 3rd March 2019 (Saturday & Sunday) for the Collection of Hajj Applications alongwith Dues for Hajj 2019 (26.02.2019)
- SBP launches cheaper liquidity facilities for the development of SME, Agriculture and Renewable energy through Islamic Banking Institutions (22.02.2019)
- SME finance by banking industry achieves historic high of over half-a-trillion rupees (19.02.2019)
- Deposit Protection Corporation becomes a member of International Association of Deposit Insurers (15.02.2019)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $12.77 billion in the first seven months of FY19
- Harnessing technology platforms is the way forward for enhancing agricultural productivity- Governor SBP
- Monetary Policy Statement - January 2019 (31.01.2019)
- SBP Governor’s Press Conference on Monetary Policy (29.01.2019)
- SBP releases First Quarterly Report on the State of Economy (29.01.2019)
- Public Holiday
- SBP expands the scope of National Financial Literacy Program to all over Pakistan (14.01.2019)
- SBP denies news item regarding 18 undeclared bank accounts (10.01.2019)
- State Bank of Pakistan wins the global award as the best Central Bank in Promoting Islamic Finance (10.01.2019)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $10.7 billion in the first half of FY19 (10.01.2019)
- State Bank facilitates exporters by restoring advance payment facility (01.01.2019)

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