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- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $7.4 billion in the first four months of FY19 (09.11.2018)
- SBP clarifies - except for one, no evidence of banks data being hacked (06.11.2018)
- SBP releases its Annual Performance Review for Financial Year 2017-18 (31.10.2018)
- SBP issues directives to banks on security breach of payment cards (28.10.2018)
- SBP releases Annual Report on the State of Economy (18.10.2018)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $5.4 billion in the first three months of FY19
- PKR-US$ Exchange Rate Depreciates in the Interbank Market (09.10.2018)
- Draft Regulations for Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) - Stakeholders' Comments (08.10.2018)
- State Bank to Issue Rs. 50/- Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Commemorative Coin from October 17, 2018 (08.10.2018)
- State Bank's Business Confidence Survey (01.10.2018)
- Monetary Policy Statement (29.09.2018)
- The growth momentum of advances to private sector maintains its steady pace in H1CY18 (27.09.2018)
- Announcement of Monetary Policy (26.09.2018)
- Opening of concerned bank branches to facilitate the collection of Government receipts/duties/taxes (26.09.2018)
- Public Holidays (18.09.2018)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $3.9 billion in the first two months of FY19 (10.09.2018)
- SBP rejects rumors about discontinuation of Rs.5000 banknotes (10.09.2018)
- SBP denies rumors of issuing new design of banknotes (28.08.2018)
- Fresh Note Issuance on Eid-ul-Azha 2018 (20.08.2018)
- Public Holidays (16.08.2018)
- Governor SBP reiterates SBP will continue to play its role for economic stability of the country (14.08.2018)
- Amendments in instructions regarding advance payment against imports and import on open account basis (13.08.2018)
- Governor SBP adopts agri. credit target of Rs 1,250 billion for FY 2018-19 with a commitment to serving small farmers and underserved areas through innovative agri financing schemes (11.08.2018)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $1.93 billion in the first month of FY19 (10.08.2018)
- Agricultural Credit Disbursement Increased to Rs 972.6 billion in FY 2017-18 (09.08.2018)
- Public Holiday (09.08.2018)
- Clearing Operations for Summit Bank to Continue Smoothly (08.08.2018)
- Fake Calls to General Public Impersonating as Officials of State Bank of Pakistan (07.08.2018)
- The financial sector has remained resilient despite tightening of macro-financial conditions (03.08.2018)
- Public Holiday (24.07.2018)
- Policy for Promotion of Low Cost Housing Finance - Soliciting Public Comments on Draft Policy (18.07.2018)
- Supreme Court of Pakistan's Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Dams Fund SBP Placed Donor wise Data on its Webpage (17.07.2018)
- PKR - US$ exchange rate adjusts in the interbank market (16.07.2018)
- Monetary Policy Statement - July 2018 (14.07.2018)
- SBP Governor's Press Conference on Monetary Policy (12.07.2018)
- Donations through SBP website can be made for Supreme Court of Pakistan Diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Dam Fund (12.07.2018)
- Widening twin deficits overshadow performance of the real economy (11.07.2018)
- Press Conference on Diamer Basha and Mohmand Dams Fund (10.07.2018)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $19.62 billion during FY18 (10.07.2018)
- Supreme Court order not to affect Summit Bank Depositors (09.07.2018)
- State Bank celebrates 70 years of professional excellence amidst acknowledgement from cross section of society (01.07.2018)
- Opening of Branches to Facilitate the Collection of Government Receipts/Duties/Taxes on 29th and 30th June 2018(29.06.2018)
- Bank Holiday (28.06.2018)
- Deposit Protection Mechanism for Banking Companies (22.06.2018)
- Fresh Note Issuance on Eid-ul-Fitr 2018 (22.06.2018)
- State Bank of Pakistan designates Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs) (14.06.2018)
- PKR-US$ Exchange Rate (11.06.2018)
- Public Holidays (11.06.2018)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $18 billion in the first eleven months of FY18 (11.06.2018)
- State Bank's Fresh Currency Notes Service 8877 Receives Overwhelming Public Response (04.06.2018)
- State Bank relaunches SMS service for issuance of fresh currency notes (30.05.2018)
- Monetary Policy Statement (25.05.2018)
- Extension of Bilateral Currency Swap arrangement between the Central Banks of Pakistan and China
- Announcement of Monetary Policy (22. 05. 2018)
- State Bank of Pakistan renews the Status of JCR-VIS and PACRA as Eligible External Credit Assessment Institutions (ECAIs) ( 17. 05. 2018 )
- Bank Holiday (16.05.2018)
- Paid up Capital of Credit Bureaus in Private Sector in terms of Section 6 of the Credit Bureaus Act, 2015 (14.05.2018)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $16.25 billion in the first ten months of FY18 (10.05.2018)
- Governor SBP unveils Commemorative Coin of Dr. Ruth Pfau (08.05.2018)
- SBP organizes Seminar on Responsible Banking Conduct (03.05.2018)
- Public Holiday (25.04.2018)
- Expanding Local CNY Settlement and Clearing Mechanism in Pakistan (11.04.2018)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $14.6 billion in the first nine months of FY18 (10.04.2018)
- Caution Regarding Risks of Virtual Currencies (06.04.2018)
- SBP Releases Second Quarterly Report for FY18 on the State of Pakistan's Economy (06.04.2018)
- Press Release regarding Defunct KASB Bank (04.04.2018)
- Monetary Policy Statement (30.03.2018)
- Opening of concerned branches to facilitate the collection of Govt duties/taxes on March 31, 2018 (29.03.2018)
- Announcement of Monetary Policy (28.03.2018)
- SBP denies rumors of issuing Rs.10,000 Banknote (23.03.2018)
- State Bank launches its Facebook page on 23rd March (23.03.2018)
- Asset quality of the banking sector improves in Q4CY17, says the 4th QPR of the Banking Sector (21.03.2018)
- Public Holiday (21.03.2018)
- SBP holds SAARCFINANCE seminar on Digital Financial Services and Financial Inclusion (21.03.2018)
- PKR-US$ Exchange Rate (20.03.2018)
- Online Collection of Government Taxes and Duties Launched (20.03.2018)
- State Bank of Pakistan and Karandaaz Pakistan to work together for Regulatory Framework on Digital Banks in Pakistan (19.03.2018)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $12.8 billion in the first eight months of FY18 (09.03.2018)
- SBP Issues Shariah Compliant Long Term Financing Facility for Exporters (14.02.2018)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $11.4 billion in the first seven months of FY18 (12.02.2018)
- 22nd Zahid Husain Memorial Lecture: The Role of a Central Bank in National Economic Development by Professor Sir Paul Collier (01.02.2018)
- SBP to issue banknotes with Mr. Tariq Bajwa's signature from February 2, 2018 (31.01.2018)
- Governor SBP asks banks to setup agricultural credit committees for promotion of agriculture finance (31.01.2018)
- Public Holiday (30.01.2018)
- Monetary Policy Statement (26.01.2018)
- SBP Governor's Press Conference on Monetary Policy (24.01.2018)
- Economy is maintaining growth momentum despite external headwinds (19.01.2018)
- State Bank of Pakistan Launches Systemic Risk Survey (SRS) (17.01.2018)
- Opening of designated bank branches on 20th and 21st January, 2018 for the Collection of Hajj Applications (16.01.2018)
- SBP joins hands with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on bilateral central banking cooperation (15.01.2018)
- State Bank's efforts lauded globally - Voted as the Best Central Bank for Promoting Islamic Finance (10.01.2018)
- Overseas Pakistanis remit US $9.7 billion in the first six months of FY18 (10.01.2018)
- Governor Bajwa urges business community & banks to ensure smooth implementation of SME finance policy (04.01.2018)
- Use of Chinese Yuan for denominating foreign currency transactions in Pakistan (02.01.2018)

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