Circulars/Notifications / Statistics and Data Warehouse Department  

  No. DS. BS. 003306/20
February 18, 2020

Chief Compliance Officers
All Scheduled Banks/MFBs/DFIs

Dear Sir/Madam,


Regional Statistics on Disbursement and Utilization

  1. Please refer to SBP Circular No. DS. BS. 1 / 013171/19 dated June 11, 2019 on “Revamped Reporting System of Scheduled Banks/MFBs/DFIs’ Half Yearly Statistics” wherein reporting institutions were required to submit the subject data on new format through DAP for three half-years i.e. Dec’18, June’19 and Dec’19 based on ISIC 4.0 classification.

  2. It has been observed that reporting institutions could not incorporate necessary software changes for reporting of subject data as per ISIC 4.0 classification for the periods HY Dec 2018 and June 2019 and they have computerized it now for Dec 2019 and onward.

  3. Therefore, subject data submission requirement for periods Dec 2018 and June 2019 has been done away with and reporting institutions are now required to submit the same for Dec 2019 before COB February 28, 2020.

  4. For the reporting period of Dec 2019 and onwards, the following guidelines shall be followed for submission of subject data:

    1. Report branch-wise Gross Disbursements for six month period (July 1 – December 31, 2019) in "Disbursements" statement (on DAP) which shall be sector-wise equal to the Gross Disbursements reported to this Department in statement A07 (excluding bills).

    2. Report Outstanding Advances as on last working day (December 31, 2019) in "Outstanding" statement (on DAP) which shall be branch-wise and sector-wise equal to the outstanding advances reported in the Half Yearly statement of "Advances & Bills" and Outstanding Advances reported in statement A07 (excluding bills).

    3. No. of accounts shall be equal to number of accounts reported in the Half Yearly statement of "Advances & Bills".

    4. Accounts and Amount shall be pooled if the place of disbursement and utilization is same.

    5. Bills Purchased & Discounted must not be included in any of the Outstanding and Disbursement reporting.

    6. No. of accounts shall not be reported as zero.

    7. The branch-wise aggregates of Amount Disbursed and Amount Utilized shall be same.

    8. Amount disbursed/utilized shall not be reported as zero in any record/field.

    9. Institution code for ISIC classifications “Private Sector (Business)”, “Trust Funds and Non-Profit Organizations”, “Personal” and “Others” shall be reported as "11111111111".

    10. There shall be no missing records in any of the fields e.g. number of accounts or institution code etc.

    11. Use codes from new district code list for columns "Place_of_Disbursement" and "Place_of_Outstanding" provided in "Reference" sheet of Client File only (and not old District codes or District names).

  5. Other instructions on the subject remain unchanged.

Banks shall develop a mechanism/layer to check and verify, before submissions on due date to S&DWH Department, that ALL data are prepared according to the relevant guidelines.

Yours truly


(Dr. Muhammad Nadim Hanif)
Additional Director


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