Circulars/Notifications / Statistics and Data Warehouse Department  

  No. DS. BS. 003305/20
February 18, 2020

The Presidents/Chief Executives
All MFBs / DFIs

Dear Sir/Madam,


Regional Statistics on Disbursements and Utilization

Please refer to SBP Circular No. DS. BS. 1 / 013171/19 dated June 11, 2019 on “Revamped Reporting System of Scheduled Banks/MFBs/DFIs’ Half Yearly Statistics” wherein reporting institutions were required to submit the half yearly branch wise returns on new format / classification through Data Acquisition Portal (DAP) of SBP. In this regard, the reporting of “Regional Statistics on Disbursements and Utilization” was also made a part of the collective Half Yearly Returns. However, MFBs and DFIs have hitherto been exempted from the reporting of “Regional Statistics on Disbursement and Utilization.” They were also informed as such in subsequent discussions and an email communication.

It has now been decided that the scope of Regional Statistics shall be expanded and that MFBs and DFIs are required to submit this return through DAP. MFBs and DFIs are, therefore, advised to develop their IT systems accordingly. The relevant reporting formats have already been provided through the HY Client File. Specific guidelines pertaining to subject data will also be provided shortly through a separate communication to Compliance Heads. Reporting will start from Dec-19 onwards i.e. reporting institutions shall be required to submit their first report for the period of Jul-Dec 2019. Deadline to submit the same data is February 28, 2020.

Any query should be forwarded to the Ms. Saadia Bilal, Assistant Director, Banking Statistics Division, S&DWHD, SBP. Her email address is [email protected].

MFBs/DFIs shall develop a mechanism/layer to check and verify, before submissions on due date to S&DWH Department, that ALL data are prepared according to the relevant guidelines.

Yours truly


(Dr. Azizullah Khattak)


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