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  Ref No. DS. DWCD.4 (1) - 2019- 016646
July 19, 2019

The Presidents / CEOs / Heads
All Scheduled Banks

Dear Sir/Madam,


Online Data for Branches of Scheduled Banks - Master Data of Branches

       Please refer to Circular No. DS.BS.1/013171/19 dated June 11, 2019 regarding Revamping of Reporting System of Half Yearly Statistics for Scheduled Banks, MFBs and DFIs.

2.         In order to streamline reporting of banks’ branch network data, SBP has established a branch network database on its Data Acquisition Portal (DAP). This database has been developed through information available on branch licenses issued to banks.

3.         In addition to the database, a data validation module has been developed for all banks. This module will allow the banks to reconcile their list of branches with data available in the database. The module will help banks to update branch codes for newly opened branches. The banks may make necessary corrections by themselves and / or in coordination with Statistics & Data Warehouse Department of SBP.

4.        All schedule banks are advised to reconcile their list of branches with the database on regular basis.

5.        User Manual for “Master Data of Branches” is attached herewith. In case of any query, please contact SBP Data Warehouse Support team at:
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone (021-32454992)


Encl: User Manual of Master Data of Bank Branches


Yours truly,


(Dr. Azizullah Khattak)


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