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  NO.DS.BS.2 (1) / 2010-606
10 May 2010

The Presidents / CEOs
All Scheduled Banks

Dear Sir/Madam,


Subject: Scheduled Banks Half Yearly Returns – Revised Timelines

Please refer to our circular NO. DS.BS. 2(1) / 97 -6150 to 6195 dated 31st May, 1997, under which banks are required to submit half yearly scheduled bank return by 28th February and 31st August for the half year ended December and June respectively.

The above statements are reported to State Bank of Pakistan with a lag of two months for the last 13 years (Since 1997). Keeping in view the recent developments in the field of IT, technological improvements & experienced human capital and importance of timely data for policy formulations, the SBP has decided to reduce the time lag for the submission of aforementioned statements as per following Schedule:

List of Scheduled banks half yearly returns

Revised timelines
[1]. Deposits of Schedule Banks
31st January and
31st July for the half
year ended
December and June
[2]. Debits to Deposit Accounts of Schedule Banks
[3]. Advances of Schedule Banks
[4]. Liability & Assets of Schedule Banks
[5]. Investment in Securities and Share of Schedule Banks
[6]. Bills Purchased & Discounted of Schedule Banks

The revised timelines for the data on Scheduled banks Statistics will be effective from half yearly ending June 2010.

Yours truly,


Dr. Azizullah Khattak

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