Circulars/Notifications - Exchange Policy Department  
 F.E. Circular No. 33
December 17, 1997 

All Authorised Dealers
in Foreign Exchange,

Dear Sirs,


Please refer to F.E. Circular No. 23 of 1997 on the captioned subject.

2. Enquiries have been received whether Authorized Dealers may certify 'E' Forms in the cases covered by the circular, even if the column in the 'E' Forms meant for disclosing full details of the goods is left completely blank. It is clarified that his was not the intention of the circular. The exporters are required to declare the broad description of the goods i.e. "Fresh Fruit" or "Fresh Vegetable", and the details thereof are required to be filled in at the time of shipment of the goods.

3. In view of the instructions issued vide F.E. Circular No. 23, the existing Para-23, Chapter-XII of the Foreign Exchange Manual is revised as under:-

  1. "23. In case of remittance received in advance for goods to be exported from Pakistan, Authorized Dealers should obtain a certificate in duplicate from the beneficiary on the Advance Payment Voucher (Appendix V-18) declaring the particulars of the intended export, before disbursing the amount to him. Both copies of the Advance Payment Voucher shall be authenticated by the Authorized Dealer. The original shall be surrendered to State Bank with the relative Schedule A-2, while the duplicate shall be returned to the exporter for production at the time of certification of Form 'E'. The Authorized Dealer which has disbursed the amount, shall ensure that Form 'E' is certified for export in accordance with the declaration made on the Advance Payment Voucher within a period of one year of receipt of advance payment and particulars of form(s) 'E' viz. Dated of certification, value for which 'E' Forms certified and progressive un-utilized balance (where more than one forms 'E' are certified) shall be endorsed on the duplicate copy of the Advance Payment Voucher. The triplicate copy of the 'E' Form will be surrendered to the State Bank under a covering letter alongwith a photo copy of the Advance Payment Voucher and the invoice.

  2. In the case of payments received for export of fresh fruits / vegetables, it would be in order for the Authorized Dealers to certify 'E' Forms against Advance Payment received, even if the detailed particulars of the 'Goods', their 'Quality' and 'Invoice Value' have not been filled in, provided the Vegetables' is declared in the relevant column. While certifying the 'E' Form, the following remarks would be added by the Authorized Dealers:-

'This form has been certified against the outstanding balance of __________ (Amount) out of the advance payment of __________ (Amount) received on __________ (Date).

At the time of shipment, the exporter will fill in the required particulars in all copies of the 'E' Form and submit the duplicate and triplicate copier to the Authorized Dealer alongwith the shipping documents and an invoice. The Authorized Dealer will compare the details of the 'Goods', 'Quantity' and 'Invoice Value' and process the case as indicated in sub-para (i)"

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