Circulars/Notifications - Exchange Policy Department  
 F.E. Circular No. 63
July 09, 1992 

All Authorised Dealers
in Foreign Exchange,

Dear Sirs,


Attention of Authorized Dealers is invited to our F.E. Circular No.83 dated the 15th December, 1988 and No.73 dated the 23rd November, 1989.

2. With a view to streamlining the procedure for the establishment of a Computerized Information System for exports, the format of Attachment to Form "E" (Statement-01) has been simplified as per revised format attached hereto as Annexure "A". It has also been decided to introduce a Control System. The Attachment to Form "E" on the revised format will henceforth be submitted with a photo copy of invoice by the Authorized Dealers under a covering statement-02 on the format attached hereto as Annexure "B". The statement-02 will be submitted in duplicate. The information as per revised formats will be submitted in respect of exports proceeds realized or adjusted (in case of advance payment) on or after 1st July, 1992 with the Foreign Exchange Returns for the month of July, 1992 and onwards.

3. In order to facilitate filling in the attachment to Forms "E" at Annexure "A" and the covering statement at Annexure "B", following instructions will be observed by the exporters:-

  1. Exporters will furnish the desired information on the above proforma at the time of getting the Form "E" certified by the Authorized Dealers.

  2. The proforma should be allotted the number of the relative "E" forms" and submitted to the area office of Exchange Control alongwith the relative monthly Foreign Exchange Returns under covering statement-02.

  3. In case where exporter has already furnished information on the old format of attachment to Forms "E", the Authorized Dealers will replace the old attachment with the revised one from the information already available on the old formats.

  4. Authorized Dealers will arrange printing of the Revised Attachment to Forms "E" (Annexure "A") in white and covering statement (Annexure "B") in light blue colour.

  5. The covering statement-02 (Annexure "B") will show consolidated currency-wise figures. For instance, all invoices in dollars should be put together and its total No. of "E" forms"; total FOB valued and total amount realized will be indicated, and so on similarly, a separate sequence No. (Sr.No.) should be used for Advance Payments.

  6. Revised Coding instructions are enclosed for guidance.

4. At present triplicate Forms "E" certified against Advance Payments are not surrendered with the Foreign Exchange Returns. The Authorized Dealers will, however, ensure at the time of certification of Form "E" against Advance Payment that Attachment to Form "E" (Statement-01) is obtained from the exporter and surrendered with the Foreign Exchange Return under the covering statement-02 (Annexure "B") for the month in which Form "E" was certified alongwith a copy/photo copy of the invoice. Where shipment date is not available due to non-submission of documents by the exporters, the date of invoice should be indicated as the date of shipment on the Attachment to Form "E". Triplicate Form "E" against Advance Payments will continue to be surrendered to the Export Section of the concerned area Exchange Control Office as hereto-fore.


Field Name Coding Instructions
Authorized Dealer Code Enter the authorized dealer code allotted by the S.B.P.
"E" form Number Enter the Serial Number of the "E" form  for which the attachment is being  prepared.
CCI&E Registration Enter the CCI&E Registration number of the Exporter.
Exporter Name and Address Enter the full name and address of the Exporter in these columns.
Type of Export Encircle the stub titled if own manufacture, or else encircle the stub titled O if commercial export.
Destination Code Enter the destination code as used in standard SBP instructions.
Currency Enter the Currency Code as used in standard SBP instructions.
Payment Terms Encircle the appropriate stub to signify:

1. = Advance
2. = Consignment
3. = LC Sight
4. = LC Usance
5. = DA/TR
6. - DP

Usance Period If the Payment Terms are LC Usance or DA/TR, enter the period in days.
Export Quantity Enter the quantity exported through this "E" form .
FOB Value Enter the FOB Value of the commodity being exported under this "E" form .
Shipment Date Enter the shipment dates.
Mode of Shipment Encircle the appropriate stub to signify:
1. = By Air
2. = By Sea
3. = By Road
4. = Combined.
Date of Advance Payment Enter the date of Advance Payment.
Commodity Code Enter the Commodity Code as present in standard SBP instructions.
Advance Amount Utilized. Enter the Advance Amount Utilized
Date of Realization

Enter the last realization date for amount realized other than Advance Payment.

Amount Realized

Enter the Total Amount realized other than Advance Payment, including all Part-Payments received against this "E" form .


Page Enter the Page Number.
Month Enter the month of process.
Bank Code Enter the Bank Code e.g. for Habib Bank Limited 'HBL'.
Authorized Dealer Code Enter the Authorized Dealer Code allotted by the SBP.
Sequence Number Assign a sequential Sequence Number.
Currency Code. Enter the Currency code as used in the Standard SBP Instructions.
Total Number of "E" forms Enter the total number of "E" forms for the Currency reported.
Total FOB Value Enter the total FCB value of the currency Reported.
Total Amount Realized Enter the total Receipt amount of the Currency reported.
Total Export Amount against Advance Payment Enter the Total Amount against Advance Payment.


Code No. Unit of Measure.
01 Gram
02 Kilogram
03 Metric Ton
04 Pounds
05 Meters
06 Yards
07 Square Feet
08 Square Meter
09 Cubic Meter
10 Liter
11 Numbers
12 Pair
13 Dozen
14 Gross
15 Thousand Number.

(This may be used only  when more than one commodities are exported on one "E" form).


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