Circulars/Notifications - Exchange Policy Department  
 F.E. Circular No. 05
January 13, 1992 

All Authorised Dealers
in Foreign Exchange/Airlines/
Shipping Companies/Travel Agents,

Dear Sirs,


At present two sets of encashment certificates are in vogue which are meant f or encashment of f foreign currency notes coins and other instruments brought from abroad by incoming passenger (paragraph 2 Chapter XI and Appendix V-13 of Exchange Control Manual 1987 ) and for booking of outward passage against enjambment certificates of Authorised Dealers (paragraphs , 5(111) and 8(e) (i) Chapter XVII and Appendix V-70 of Exchan6e Control Manual -1987). Since both the formats of encashment certificates are similar in nature, it has been decided to abolish the existing formats on Appendix V-13 and appendix V-70 and to introduce a new single encashment certificate (Appendix V-13) as per-copy enclosed which will be used both, for encashment of foreign exchange for local use and for recon version of unspent balance of Pakistan rupees in-foreign exchange as laid down in paragraph 39 Chapter XVII and for outward booking of passages of Pakistan nationals as laid down in paragraphs,5(iii) and 8(e) (i) Chapter,-XVII ibid.

2. Accordingly the following amendments may please be made in Exchange Control Manual (6th Edition, 1987) : -

(I) Volume - I

(a) The words "Appendix V-13" in bracket may be inserted in line 4 after the word 'Certificate' and before the Word.’ issued’ in sub-para (iii) of Paragraph 5 Chapter XVII.

(b) The words "Appendix V-70" appearing in bracket in line 3 of paragraph 8 (q) (i) Chapter XVII pay be replaced with the words Appendix V-13".

(c) The words 'Appendix V-13' in bracket may be inserted in line 4 after the word, "Certificate” and before the word “by" in paragraph 39 Chapter XVII.

(II) Volume II

(a) Appendix IV-13 may be replaced with the revised Appendix ‘IV-13"’ enclosed with this Circular.

(b) Appendix "V-70" may be deleted

Yours faithfully
Senior Deputy Director
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