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 DI&SD Circular Letter No. 02 of 2022
March 15, 2022 
The Presidents/Chief Executive Officers

Dear Madam/Sir,

Transaction Limits for Raast Payments

Please refer to DI&SD Circular No. 1 of 2022 on “Raast Person-to-Person (P2P) Payment Service”.

  1. In order to further facilitate users of Raast services, it has been decided that:
    a) With effect from April 1, 2022, there will be no transactional limits on Raast system by SBP. Banks/MFBs/EMIs may however set, in their system Raast transaction limits for their customers based on their risk profile in compliance with the relevant AML/CFT requirements. Further,

      i. In terms of para 3 (f) of the aforementioned circular, customer transaction limits for Raast payments shall not be less than Rs.200,000/- per transaction or the transaction limits applicable as per the account type and prescribed by SBP from time to time.

      ii. The aggregate customer limit assigned to Raast payments shall not be less than the Interbank Fund Transfer (IBFT) limit.

      iii. The aggregate limit shall be communicated to the customers and available transaction limit shall be shown in their mobile apps/internet banking portals.

  2. Banks/MFBs/EMIs shall ensure that above mentioned technical as well as operational arrangements and readiness are in place not later than March 21, 2022.

  3. Banks/MFBs/EMIs shall ensure strict compliance with PSD Circular No. 01 of 2021 by providing their customers with the option to increase or decrease the transaction limits by using their mobile apps/internet banking portals, no later than April 10, 2022.

  4. It is reiterated that Banks/MFBs/EMIs shall put in place robust internal controls and strong risk mitigants to prevent fraudulent activities, misuse/abuse of the transaction limits and risks related to the safety and security of Raast system at their end.

  5. All other instructions of the abovementioned Circular shall remain same.

  6. Please acknowledge receipt.

Yours Sincerely,


(Muhammad Imaduddin)
Additional Director

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