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Statistics and Data Warehouse Department is responsible for collection, compilation and dissemination of statistics on economic, financial and monetary aspects. It collects and compiles data with different periodicities on money and banking, international trade, monetary accounts, balance of payments, international investment position, exchange rates, foreign exchange reserves, foreign investment, private external debt, flow of funds, inflation etc. which are disseminated through SBP website and also in form of publications. The department regularly brings out two monthly, two quarterly, one bi-annual and eight annual publications. The department plays a central role in providing statistics to the government, policymakers, academia and other stakeholders for research, policy formulation and decision making. Modern and state-of- the-art systems based on well-defined procedures are in place for providing timely and efficient statistics on regular basis.

The systems of data collection and processing have undergone some changes over the past few years by making extensive use of information technology. Most of the data are collected electronically and processed through specifically designed software for the purpose. The department is proactively involved in automation of business processes of State Bank of Pakistan through a centralized data warehouse. It is committed to producing quality statistics with reliability and timeliness as envisaged in SBP Vision 2020. It currently follows General Data Dissemination Standards (GDDS) of the IMF however, meets the requirements of Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS) of the IMF.

Ownership Govt: Debt Survey(FGDS)
Ownership Classification Of Federal Govt: Debt Survey(FGDS) - June 2019

Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey(CPIS)
Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (CPIS) - December 2019

Foreign Investment Survey (FIS)
Foreign Investment Survey (FIS) - 2019

Quarterly Foreign Investment Survey Questionnaire

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