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Section 4 C(f) of SBP Act, 1956 empowers SBP to collect and produce statistics related to its objectives and functions. Core Statistics Department is responsible for collection, validation and compilation of statistics on monetary and financial aspects of Pakistan economy.

Historically, Department of Statistics was established in 1949 by (late) Zahid Hussain, the founding Governor of SBP. It was entrusted with the responsibility to develop various statistical series by producing data related to money, banking, finance and balance of payments starting from a 'Desk Calendar on Statistics'. It has since then been operating under various names including Statistics Department and Statistics and Data Warehouse Department (SDWD) until recently.

In order to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the collection, compilation, dissemination and innovation of statistics needed by the State Bank of Pakistan to meet its objectives and functions, SDWD was divided into two departments: (a) Core Statistics Department (CSD) and (b) Data Services and Innovation Department in 2022.

Primarily the Core Statistics Department is engaged in producing data of various periodicities on money, banking, finance, interest rates, financial soundness indicators, international trade, balance of payments, exchange rates, workers' remittances, foreign exchange reserves, foreign investment, and Pakistan's debt and liabilities. These datasets are disseminated on SBP website and EasyData through DSID. This Department also communicates important data summaries to public on different social media platforms through DSID and External Communications Department. Moreover, the Department also publishes selected monthly, bi-annual and annual publications through DSID in addition to contributing to SBP's two flagship statistical publications - Monthly Statistical Bulletin and Statistical Supplement, Annual Report, The State of Pakistan's Economy.

The Department is also a member of various international organization on Statistics including Irving Fisher Committee on Central Bank Statistics (IFC), International Statistical institute (ISI). The Department follows guidelines set-forth in the manuals provided by IMF, World Bank etc. including Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual of IMF, 6th edition (BPM6); Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual and Compilation Guide.

Keeping in view of the IMF Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board guidelines, the Department ensures the dissemination of official statistics according to IMF's standards. The data dissemination also takes place through the National Summary Data Page (NSDP) portal on Pakistan Bureau of Statistics website (https://www.pbs.gov.pk/nsdp). These data include Monetary Surveys, Interest Rates, Exchange Rates, Financial Soundness Indicators, International Investment Position, Balance of Payments, External Debt, Workers' Remittances. In addition to serving the data needs of SBP supervision, policy and research purposes, the Department also provides statistical data to the government of Pakistan, academia and other national /international stakeholders.

Ownership Govt: Debt Survey(FGDS)
Ownership Classification Of Federal Govt: Debt Survey(FGDS) - June 2019

Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey(CPIS)
Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (CPIS) - June/December

Foreign Investment Survey (FIS)
Foreign Investment Survey (FIS) - 2023

Quarterly Foreign Investment Survey Questionnaire

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