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The Economic Policy Review Department (EPRD) evaluates the performance of different sectors of the economy, as well as prevailing economic policies under a broad framework. The department is headed by a Director who reports to the Chief Economic Advisor (CEA). Economic analysis undertaken in the department is disseminated through SBP’s flagship publications, i.e., the Annual and Quarterly reports, as well as through standalone papers.

The Annual and Quarterly reports, on ‘The State of Pakistan’s Economy’, are published in accordance with the statutory provisions of the State Bank of Pakistan Act, 1956. There are three quarterly reports and one annual report during a business year. These reports help develop a better public understanding of the developments in monetary, external, fiscal, and real sectors of the economy. The department is also managing “SBP Staff Notes”, which contains articles on current economic and relevant banking issues in Pakistan. In addition to these reports, standalone papers are also prepared which carry the ownership of the author, but not necessarily the endorsement of the institution.

The Department has four Divisions, and a Support Services Unit. Each division is headed by a Publication Manager. The Divisions are: (a) Real Sector analyzes developments in the real sector, including a griculture, industry, services, savings and investment, and energy; (b) External Sector undertakes analysis of balance of payments, international trade, foreign exchange reserves, and exchange rate; (c) Fiscal Sector focuses on federal and provincial fiscal accounts, and debt; and (d) Monetary Sector analyzes trends and issues relating to money, banking, credit allocation and inflation; and contributes with the analysis of developments pertaining to their area of expertise.

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