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Episode 10: Asaan Mobile Account - The Easiest Way to Open a Bank Account - SBP Podcast Episode 10
Opening a bank account has never been so easy as it is today. Asaan Mobile Account allows opening an account using even a simple feature mobile phone just needing your CNIC only. In this SBP Podcast we discuss how it is Asaan & what features does it offer.
27:15 | September 23, 2022

Episode 09: Research Point - Effective Advocacy by Trade Organizations
Watch the latest #SBPPodcast where SBP's Senior Economist discusses Trade Organizations and their role in synergizing public private sector collaboration for evidence based structural reforms leading to a progressive & sustainable economy.
25:06 | September 09, 2022

Episode 08: Monetary Policy Decision on August 22, 2022, What is in it?
Watch #SBP’s Research Advisor & Chief Economist in the latest #SBPPodcast, explain the structure & mandate of MPC, the basis of recent decision to maintain policy rate @15% & how this impacts you. #SBP pursues its goal of “Price Stability” through MPC.
25:10 | August 26, 2022

Episode 07: Where Does Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar Initiative Stand Today?
Are you concerned about or effected by what’s happening with #MeraPakistanMeraGhar? #SBP brings you an exclusive #SBPPodcast where the person at the forefront of the initiative sheds light on its current situation and what lays ahead.
31:07 | August 12, 2022

Episode 06: Debunking apprehensions about Roshan Digital Account
Roshan Digital Account is going from strength to strength and exciting new products are being planned. Apprehensions about outflows are ill founded. Tune into Ep6 of #SBPPodcast to find out the facts and what the future of RDA holds for Overseas Pakistanis.
28:15 | July 29, 2022

Episode 05: Exclusive: SBP responds to concerns about the economy and fake news
#SBP responds to concerns over economy and fake news in an exclusive #SBPPodcast. Governor (A) Dr Murtaza Syed and DGs Dr Inayat Hussain and Ms Sima Kamil answer questions about IMF, reserves, exchange rate, appointment of Governor and MPMG.
26:55 | July 23, 2022

Episode 04: Why is the Rupee always depreciating (Part II)?
Continuing the discussion in our last #SBPPodcast, episode 04 presents a primer on how foreign exchange market works, the mechanics of a fixed versus flexible exchange rate, & the difference between open market and interbank rate for the rupee.
22:40 | July 15, 2022

Episode 03: Why is the Rupee always depreciating?
Ever wondered why the Rupee seems to always be depreciating? Episode 03 of #SBPPodcast answers questions regarding reasons for rupee depreciation, the difference between a fixed vs market based exchange rate and how we can stop this decline.
32:24 | July 05, 2022

Episode 02: Why State Bank Raises Interest Rates?
Would raising SBP's interest rates bring down inflation? An important question we often discuss. Episode 02 of #SBPPodcast will cover some of your questions regarding inflation, its causes and how it is linked with interest rates.
23:06 | Jun 17, 2022

Episode 01: Macroeconomy
#SBP launches #SBPPodcast as a public service to share latest economic developments, SBP initiatives, analysis and expert opinion. In first episode Governor (A) SBP Dr. Murtaza Syed discusses macroeconomic situation in Pakistan.
21:18 | Jun 2, 2022