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Episode 25: Annual Report on The State of Pakistan's Economy FY22-23
SBP Podcast discusses key takeaways from the Annual Report on The State of Pakistan’s Economy FY22-23 including global and domestic conditions as well as continuity of policy reforms to ensure sustainable growth.
26:34 | November 16, 2023

Episode 24: Monetary Policy Decision on September 14, 2023, What is in it?
SBP Podcast explains how fiscal consolidation, normalizing imports and an uptick in foreign inflows are expected to help contain inflation in the country.
17:01 | September 22, 2023

Episode 23: Monetary Policy Decision on July 31, 2023, What is in it?
SBP Podcast explains why inflation is likely to fall on the back of consolidation in international commodity prices, the Stand-by Arrangement with the IMF and recent fiscal measures by Government of Pakistan.
16:38 | August 11, 2023

Episode 22: Pakistan's Growing IT Exports & Tech Start-ups Opportunities & Challenges
In the latest SBP Podcast, we discussed the growth of Pakistan's IT sector and the potential it holds for driving economic development. The episode also highlights key challenges and opportunities for tech startups.
28:26 | July 07, 2023

Episode 21: Monetary Policy Decision on June 12, 2023, What is in it?
SBP Podcast explains why MPC expects domestic demand to remain subdued amid tight monetary stance, domestic uncertainty and continuing stress on external account and therefore inflation to start falling down from June.
21:56 | June 20, 2023