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 Workshop for Journalist (April 29, 2016) - Islamabad

Understanding Monetary Policy and Financial Stability

One day workshop regarding understanding monetary policy and financial stability was arranged at NIBAF-Islamabad on April 29, 2016. A session was arranged regarding monetary policy and wherein it was discussed that the monetary policy is used as a stabilization tool primarily to iron out wrinkles in an economy due to inflation. Over the last more than four decades, the role of monetary policy as an effective tool of fighting inflation has strengthened. Since central banks are in the best position to formulate and implement monetary policy, they are mandated to control inflation. Over the years, central banks have been strengthened to deliver this mandate. This workshop discussed what entails to deliver this mandate by SBP and how effectively this is being done.

Another area that stimulated intellectual debate since the global financial crisis is financial stability. Before the financial crisis, it was presumed that maintaining price stability will automatically take care of financial stability. The experience in developed countries, however, is contrary to this belief. Financial stability is now emerging itself as a discipline where central banks are strengthening their efficacy. Pakistan is no exception. A detailed discussion regarding legal mandate and supervisory framework for ensuring soundness of the system and tools available with SBP for risk assessment of the regulated institutions was conducted. Furthermore, this workshop highlighted the measures taken by State Bank of Pakistan for promoting financial stability.

 Financial Stability - 2016
 Monetary Policy and Financial Markets in Pakistan - 2016

 Workshop for Journalist (June 15-16, 2015) - Karachi

Understanding Macroeconomics, Financial Sector and Banking

Two days workshop for journalist was arranged at Learning Resource center, State Bank of Pakistan Karachi on June 15 -16, 2015. Deputy Governor Policy Mr. Riaz Riaz-ud-din along with Chief Spokesperson Mr. Abid Qamar graced the opening ceremony whereas Governor State Bank Mr. Ashraf Mahmood Wathra addressed the participants and distributed at closing ceremony.

Workshop covered rationale behind formulation of monetary policy and its relation with inflation in session regarding inflation and monetary policy. Further, real and fiscal sector was discussed to explain the concepts of fiscal policy and what constitutes to formulate expansionary (loose) or contractionary (tight) fiscal policy. Another session regarding financial markets was conducted as to explain the financial markets and how do they contribute in financial intermediation – optimum utilization and channelizing of financial resources. Banking sector highlighted the focus on regulations and supervision in light of prudential regulations for different types of banking business. Branchless banking and SBP’s contribution with its performance along with agriculture finance was discussed in development finance session.

 Banking Regulation Supervision and Payment Systems-2015
 Development Finance-2015
 External Sector-2015
 Financial Markets - 2015
 Financial Journalism-2015
 MP Formulation Implementation - 2015
 Real Sector and Fiscal Policy 2015

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