Financing availed under MPMG can be used for purchasing a house or a plot …


Borrower will be charged financing rate of 3 % for first five years and 5 % for next five years…

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All Pakistanis holding valid CNIC and NICOP are eligible…


SBP has established help desks in its 16 offices across the country...

Keeping in view need to improve availability of adequate housing in the country and important role of construction sector in boosting economic activities in other countries, Government of Pakistan envisions to increase the number of housing units manifold in coming years and has taken several measures in this regard.

To support this vision of Government of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan has taken several measures since July 2020 to support the provision of financing for the housing and construction sector. In October 2020, the Government of Pakistan augmented these efforts by introducing the Government Markup Subsidy Scheme, now commonly known as Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar (MPMG) markup subsidy Scheme. Government liberalized features of MPMG scheme in light of feedback of stakeholders to benefit the larger strata in March 2021.

Available in both conventional and Islamic mode, this scheme enables banks to provide financing for the construction and purchase of houses at very low financing rates for low to middle income segments of the population.

State Bank of Pakistan is the executing partner with Government of Pakistan and Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority (NAPHDA).

Financing Type

Financing availed under MPMG Scheme can be used for:

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Purchasing a house/

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Purchasing a plot and
construction there upon

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Extension in pre-owned
housing unit

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Construction on already
owned plot


  • All Pakistanis with valid CNIC and NICOP
  • First time house owner
  • One individual can have subsidized house loan facility under this scheme only for once
  • For Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority (NAPHDA) projects, NAPHDA will shortlist the eligible candidate and  upon request of candidate, will forward the candidate profile to banks for financing

Loan Tenor

Customer can choose financing tenor from 5 to 20 years

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Loan Types

Two types of loan can be availed:

Financing Rate


Tier 0 Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Financing Amount Installment Financing Amount Installment Financing Amount Installment Financing Amount Installment
Monthly installment from year 1 to 5
Rs. 0.5 Million 3,300 Rs. 1 Million 5,546 Rs. 1 Million 6,600 Rs. 6 Million 46,518
Rs. 1 Million 6,600 Rs. 2 Million 11,092 Rs. 3 Million 19,799 Rs. 8 Million  62,024
Rs. 2 Million 13,199 Rs. 2.7 Million 14,974 Rs. 6 Million 39,597 Rs. 10 Million 77,530
Monthly installment from year 6 to 10
Rs. 0.5 Million 3,751 Rs. 1 Million 6,351 Rs. 1 Million 7,501 Rs. 6 Million 52,492
Rs. 1 Million 7,501 Rs. 2 Million 12,702 Rs. 3 Million 22,503 Rs. 8 Million 69,990
Rs. 2 Million 15,002 Rs. 2.7 Million 17,147 Rs. 6 Million 45,007 Rs. 10 Million 87,487

*The installments have been calculated on the basis of financing tenor of 20 years. Installments for the period exceeding 10 years will be based on prevalent KIBOR at that time as per the conditions of scheme.


Installment Calculator

Project Type

Bank Selection

Housing Unit Type

Unit Size upto

Selected Tier

Kibor Rate

8.32% Dated: 21-09-2021

Financing Required

Financing Tenor


For first 5 Years

For next 5 years  

For remaining financing tenor

Installments calculated through installment calculator are estimates and for indication only. Actual installments calculated for the year exceeding 10 years by banks/DFIs/Microfinance banks may vary depending upon the prevailing KIBOR at that time as per the conditions of scheme.


SBP Initiatives to Promote Financing Under MPMG

  • State bank has taken various regulatory measures to create conducive regulatory environment, few of them are listed below:
    • All SBP BSC offices are also involved

  • Implementation of standardized income proxy model developed by banks to facilitate housing finance to customers with informal sources of income

  • Development and implementation of advanced Statistical scorecard Model for housing finance
    • Pursuing banks to develop comprehensive statistical scoring model to ensure flow of formal housing finance to individuals employed in informal sector

  • Development of technological solutions for acquisition of data from primary sources (telcos, utility companies, Government agencies, etc) to improve the traditional credit approval process to a scorecard and behavior pattern analysis

Participating Banks

Help Desk

In order to address complaints, State Bank has established a comprehensive complaint resolution mechanism that comprises of an internet portal supported by a network of State Bank and commercial bank staff. The IT portal is live for registration of complaints by applicants who face any difficulty in obtaining loans.

State Bank has also established help desks in its 16 offices across the country to facilitate applicants in registration of their complaints through the IT portal. These help desks address access challenges of applicants arising out of potential language and technology barriers.


In case of any query or further information required on MPMG, please contact at:
+92 (0) 3377786786

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Download the flyers for more information

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