Circulars/Notifications - Payment System Department  
 PSD Circular Letter No. 3 /2010
September 6, 2010  

The Presidents / Chief Executive Officers
All Banks

Dear Sirs / Madam,

Management of ATMs during EID Holidays



In order to facilitate cardholders cash withdrawals through ATMs, banks were advised vide PSD Circular No. 02 dated October 20, 2006 titled “Management of ATM Cash and Downtime”, to ensure continuous availability of ATM services, especially during Ramadan, EID holidays and long weekends.

Accordingly, banks are once again reminded to ensure that:

1- ATMs shall be continuously replenished on regular intervals during EID holidays, according to the needs of the cardholders.
2- Necessary back-up arrangements be made, in order to address complaints, if any.
3- Appropriate staff be deployed to address problems that may cause ATM malfunctioning or cash outage incidents.
4- Any breakdown or cash outage incident during EID holidays shall be reported to Payment Systems Department by 25th September 2010.

The banks must take all steps to ensure continued availability of this service, which shall be monitored by SBP inspection teams during the period. Complacency or lack of visible efforts in this regard on part of banks shall be dealt with under BCO 1962.

Please acknowledge receipt.


Yours Sincerely,


(Abdur Rauf)
Additional Director

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