F.E. Circular No. 54
July 11, 1993 

All Authorised Dealers
in Foreign Exchange,

Dear Sirs,


Pursuant to the decision taken by the Government of Pakistan as contained in Ministry of Commerce’s Public Notices No.1(2)/93-Imp. I dated the 3rd July, 1993 copies whereof are enclosed, the Offices of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports shall cease to function with effect from 15th July, 1993 and import licenses shall no longer be issued after that date. Therefore, effective 16th July, 1993, all letters of credit/contracts for import of commodities shall be established/registered by the Authorized Dealers without cover of import license on payment of prescribed fee (wherever applicable under the Licenses and Permits Fee Order, 1979) as per the procedure enunciated in Para 39, Chapter XIII of the Foreign Exchange Manual (Seventh Edition, 1992) read with Import Control Orders, Import and Export (Control) Act, 1950, Licenses and Permits Fee Order, 1979 and the Registration (Importers and Exporters) Order, 1992. It may be added that Government Departments / agencies whose letters of credit are routed through the area Chief Managers of State Bank of Pakistan are exempt from payment of license fee.

2. For the convenience of the Authorized Dealers, Ministry of Commerce has also issued a Comprehensive HandBook of Procedure. The concerned officials should make themselves abreast of the procedure to avoid any untoward incidence with respect to legal provisions.

3. The information which was being forwarded by the designated branches of the Authorized Dealers on Annexure 'A' (F.E. Circular No.31 of 1991) to the offices of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports on daily basis will now be sent to the Ministry of Commerce, Islamabad on weekly basis.

4. Consequent upon winding up of Chief Controller of Imports and Export’s Offices, the Registration Units of the State Bank of Pakistan attached with the Chief Controller of Imports and Export’s Offices would also cease to operate. However, public sector agencies like WAPDA, KESC etc. which are allocated foreign exchange for their on Defence/Railways’ account shall make applications to area Foreign contracts registered with the Authorized Dealer/open letters of credit, on Annexure 'I' to this Circular. The Authorized Dealers will open letters of credit/register the contracts in these cases on the basis of clearance to be issued by State Bank Offices on Annexure 'I' to this prescribed fee. Authorized Dealers will open letters of credit covering imports under foreign Aid/loans/credits and grants on the basis of designation letters to be issued by the Foreign Exchange Department, State Bank of Pakistan, Central Directorate, Karachi after recovering the prescribed fee. Other instructions regarding recovery of license fee and its deposit in Government Account, issuance of Annexures 'A' & 'B' in respect of cases falling within the purview of this Para will remain the same as advised in F.E. Circular No.31 of 1991 as amended from time to time.

5. Please acknowledge receipt.


No. 1(2)/93 Imp.I
Government of Pakistan
Ministry of Commerce


Islamabad the 3rd July, 1993



It is notified for information of all concerned that the office of Chief Controller of Imports and Exports with its Headquarters at Islamabad and Regional/Sub-regional Offices at 1993. All items permissible for import against import licenses shall thereafter be imported by the registered importers against letters of credit established directly by authorized foreign exchange dealers (banks) or against any other mode of payment notified in the Import Policy Order in vogue without obtaining import licenses. Detailed procedures which have been finalized in consultation with the Trade and Industry, State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan Banking Council, Banks, Customs and Export Promotion Bureau and are being notified separately.

2. It may be added that the registration of importers and exporters and issuance of category Pass Books has been entrusted to Offices of Export Promotion Bureau located at Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Hyderabad, Multan, Sialkot, Gujranwala and Faisalabad. Till the establishment of an EPB Office in Mirpur, the EPB Office, Islamabad shall perform the requisite functions.

3. A Facilitation Committee including representatives from Trade & Industry and concerned Ministries/Agencies has been set up in the Ministry of Commerce to look into day-to-day problems and provide necessary guidance to Banks and other agencies handling residual work of the Department of CCI&E and also to suggest steps for further simplification of procedures.


No.1(2)/93. Imp.I
Government of Pakistan
Ministry of Commerce


Islamabad the 3rd July, 1993



As has already been published through the Press, the Office of the Chief Controller of Imports and Exports is being wound-up with effect from 15th July, 1993 and its function stand transferred to Banks and other agencies.

2. In order to ensure that the switchover is smooth and poses no difficulty to the trade as well as the Banks and other agencies, 11 Centers as detailed below are being set up. These Centers will provide necessary assistance to the members of the business community in case of any difficulty regarding opening of letters of credit or other related matters. The Centers shall start functioning with effect from 16th July, 1993 and continue till 15th August, 1993:-

    S. No. Location of the
    Officer Incharge Telephone Number
    1. Islamabad Mr. Jamshaid Khan
    Deputy Controller I&E.
    2. Lahore Mr. Munawar A. Islam,
    Deputy Controller I&E
    3. Peshawar Mr. Muhammad Siddique
    Executive Officer
    4. Karachi Mr. S.I.M. Nayyar,
    Deputy Controller I&E
    5. Quetta Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Brohi
    Deputy Controller I&E.
    6. Hyderabad Mr. Ali Ahmed Lund,
    Deputy Controller I&E
    7. Multan Mr. S.Wajid Ali Bukhari,
    Deputy Controller I&E
    8. Faisalabad Mr. Muhammad Ali
    Deputy Controller I&E
    9. Sialkot Mr. M. Tariq Pervez,
    Deputy Controller I&E
    10. Gujranwala Mr. Riaz A. Jafari
    Deputy Controller I&E
    11. Mirpur (AK) Mr. Aslam Hayat
    Executive Officer

3. Effective August 16, 1993, Ministry of Commerce may be contacted for any clarification on Telephone Nos. 812790, 823614 and 828693.


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