No. ACD/2096-2116/PD (P)-08/2003
June 30, 2003  



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Dear Sir,
In compliance with the provisions contained in Section 8 (3) of the SBP Act 1956, State Bank of Pakistan, have to ensure availability of the adequate and timely banking credit to the Agricultural Sector, besides creating awareness and uplifting the living standard of the rural community. State Bank of Pakistan introduced Agricultural Loans Scheme in 1972 as a part of its regulatory/monitoring and supervisory responsibilities. The said scheme was introduced through different instructions/circulars/amendments/rules issued by the State Bank of Pakistan from time to time.
In order to facilitate the availability of such circulars/instructions/rules for the benefit of participating banks, Provincial Cooperative Banks, Provincial Governments, Farmers Associations, other internal and external stakeholders, Agricultural Credit Department has consolidated all the existing instructions/circulars etc. on Agricultural Loans Scheme in the form of one comprehensive/master circular, which is appended as Appedix-1.
Efforts have been made to consolidate all circulars/instructions/rules etc. on the Agricultural Loans Scheme. However, there is a possibility that some of the circulars/instructions may have been missed. We shall appreciate your cooperation and suggestions, in this regard, to keep this comprehensive circular up-to-date. Help Desk is available at SBP Boulton Market Building, M.A. Jinnah Road, Karachi with Telephone Nos. 021/9217216, 021/9217214, 021/9217220 and Fax No. 021/9217215.


Please acknowledge receipt.  

Encl:   1. Appendix-1

            2. Annexure I - III

            3. Annexure IV - VII

            4. Annexure - VIII

            5. Annexure-IX


Yours faithfully,

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