Security Features of 5000 Rupees

'Enlarged Watermark:
Portrait of Quaid-e-Azam in National Dress i.e. Sherwani appears at the obverse left of the note.
Electrotype Watermark:
The denomination of the note appears below the portrait of Quaid-e-Azam.
Window Security Thread:
Partially embedded window security thread into the paper runs from top to bottom at the obverse left of the note. Denomination numeral ‘5000’ can be seen in the thread. The thread appears as silver dashes at the obverse of the note. When the note is held against the transmitted light, the metallic thread appears as a line. The security thread appears as yellow and blue fluorescent bands when viewed under ultra-violet light.
      Printing Process  The obverse and the reverse of the note have been printed by Intaglio Process in multi-colours.
Anti Scan & Anti Copy
Anti Scan and Anti Copy Line patterns appearing on the note that prevent scanning and photocopying of the exact note. note.
Decorative ornamental patterns appear at the obverse and the reverse of the note.
Denomination Numeral in English & Urdu
The denomination in figures at the obverse of the note appears in Urdu numeral at the right & left top and in English at the right bottom while the denomination at the reverse appears in English at the left bottom in small font and on top below the words ‘State Bank of Pakistan’ in large font and in Urdu at the right bottom.
Micro Lettering Denomination Numeral
Micro lettering denomination numeral ‘5000’ at the obverse of the note appears horizontally at the right top close to the printed cap and vertically at the left bottom close to the security thread. At the reverse of the note, this numeral is hidden in the Margalla Hills appearing at the back of the Faisal Mosque, Islamabad. It also appears vertically at the left of the note along with the decorative patterns.
Obverse Side
The enlarged portrait of Quaid-e-Azam in Sherwani appears at the obverse right of the note.
Optical Variable Ink
The white crescent and five-pointed star surrounded in the printing design of Optical Variable Ink (OVI) appears at the obverse right of the note. The OVI design changes colour from green to golden and vice versa when the note is viewed from different angles.
See through
Value figure of the note appears partly at the obverse left top and partly at the reverse right top giving a perfect look when viewed through light.
Latent Image
Hidden denomination numeral appears horizontally at the right side of the portrait when the note is viewed from different angles.
Year of
Year of production appears at the obverse right of the note.
Braille Feature
Three raised circles appear vertically at the obverse left which enable the visually impaired persons to recognize the value of the note.
Intaglio Lines
Intaglio lines appears at right and left corners of the note.
Promissory & Guarantee clause
The words ‘STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN’, the denomination, the promissory clause, the guarantee clause, appear in Urdu at the obverse centre of the note.
Seven-digit serial number with prefix appears at the obverse of the note at the right top and at the left bottom below the watermark. Both the numbers have been printed with magnetic ink.
The signature of the Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, Dr. Shamshad Akhtar is printed at the obverse in main colour of the note (Mustard) above the words ‘GOVERNOR STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN’.
Reverse Side
 The back of the note has been printed by Offset Process.
The Picture and name of Faisal Mosque, Islamabad appears at the reverse of the note.
Name of the
The words ‘FAISAL MOSQUE, ISLAMABAD’ appear vertically at the reverse left bottom of the note.
The words ‘STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN’ appear at the reverse centre top of the note.
II  The value in words ‘FIVE THOUSAND RUPEES’ appears in a panel at the reverse off-centre bottom of the note.
III The words “ ” appear in a round design at the reverse upper left of the note.
Insignia The seal of the ‘State Bank of Pakistan’ appears at the reverse left bottom of the note.




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