Security Features of 20 Rupees

'Enlarged Watermark:
When the note is held against the light, an image of Quaid-e-Azam can be seen.
Electrotype Watermark:
When the note is held against the light, the numerical '20' can be seen.
'Micro-Text Security Thread:
Embedded security thread into the paper almost in the centre of the note can be seen when held against the light. On the thread the Words “State Bank of Pakistan” and denomination numeral 20 can be seen in the thread.
Obverse Side
The Enlarged portrait of Quaid-e-Azam in Sherwani appears on the right side of the note.
See through
The value numeral '20' printed in Urdu on the note appears partly on obverse left top and partly on reverse right top giving perfect look when viewed through light.
Latent Image
Hidden image of denomination numeral appears while tilting the note at right side of the portrait of Quaid-e-Azam.
Year of
Year of production appears on the right side of the note.
Braille Feature
Raised line for visually impaired people appears on left side of the note which can be felt with a touch.
Intaglio Lines
Intaglio Lines appear on right and left corners of the note which can be felt by touch.
The denomination appears in Urdu numeral on right and left top while the denomination in English appears on right bottom.
The words "STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN", the denomination, the promissory clause
and the guarantee clause appear in Urdu in the centre.
The words "GOVERNOR STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN" in Urdu appear at the centre.
Micro lettering denomination 20 appears at the right top in horizontal and at left bottom in vertical
One serial number with Prefix appears on the top right side and the other number appears below the watermark on the bottom left corner written with magnetic ink.
The signature of the Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, Dr. Ishrat Husain is printed in main colour of the note above the words “GOVERNOR STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN".
Reverse Side
 The back of the note has been printed by Offset Process.
Geometric Patterns
Decorative ornamental patterns appear on the entire note.
The words "STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN" appear at the top centre.
II The value in words appears in a panel at the centre bottom.
III The denomination numerals appear in English at left bottom and on top below the words ‘State Bank of Pakistan’ while in Urdu at right bottom
The words “ ” in Urdu appear on upper left side in a round design.
V The words MOHEN-JO-DARO, LARKANA appear in vertical on left bottom.
Insignia The seal of the "State Bank of Pakistan" appears at the bottom left portion.
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