DATE OF ISSUE: 12-07-1976.

CUT SIZE: 73 X 165 m.m.

MAIN COLOUR: The main colour is red but the D.P. print of Bank note is in multicolour



(a) Watermark

An impression of the Quaid-e-Azam’s portrait in the watermark appears at the bottom left hand corner.

(b) Security Thread

The Security Thread is towards the right side of the note.


The portrait of the Quaid-e-Azam appears on the right side of the note, resting on D.P. medallion tint.


A white line border runs on the top, right and bottom side of the note. A D.P. medallion lies above the white line border at the bottom. A hand engraved pattern appears below the white line top border and forms a double border.


The denomination numeral in Urdu appears in reverse in the hand engraved rosette on the top right corner. The denomination numeral in English appears at the bottom left corner. The central portion of the note is occupied by the following details in Urdu calligraphy:

The State Bank of Pakistan,

The Denomination,

The Promissory Clause,

The Guarantee Clause,

The Governor, State Bank of Pakistan, `


A hand engraved rosette lies on the top right corner. One Guilloche pattern appears at the bottom left side corner. The central Guilloche pattern hangs from the hand engraved pattern forming the double border at the top of the note with the Urdu calligraphy covering the Guilloche pattern. Another Guilloche pattern lies between the portrait and the white line border on the right side of the note.


The anti-photographic rainbow tint depicting small industries motif in relief covers the front central part of the note. The watermark is encircled by a decorative duplex pattern



One number with prefix appears on the upper left side of the note and the second number with prefix appears below the portrait on the right side of the note.


The signature of the Governor, State Bank of Pakistan appears in Urdu above the authority’s designation.


BORDER: A white line Guilloche D.P.border runs along the bottom and right side of the note. The black line Guilloche pattern encloses the watermark.

VIGNETTE: A view of the Islamia College, Peshawar forms the vignette at the back.

LETTERING: The words “State Bank of Pakistan” in English appear at the top of the note. The words “ONE HUNDRED RUPEES” in English appear in reverse in between the Guilloche pattern at the bottom of the note. The denomination numeral in Urdu appears in reverse at the lower left corner and denomination numeral in English appears at the right top corner of the note.

SEAL: The Seal of the “State Bank of Pakistan” lies on top left corner note surrounded by a decorative pattern.

LITHO WORKING: An anti-photographic one operation rainbow tint covers the back of the note.


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