Mission Statement
Our mission is to facilitate development of an inclusive financial system in the country through effective monitoring of banks, awareness and information dissemination programs, targeted research and surveys and linkages and consultation with all key stakeholders.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to transform into a dynamic field force having capacity to connect un-banked and under-banked areas/sectors to the country’s financial markets.

About Us
Development Finance Support Department (DFSD) at SBP-BSC has been set up to augment the efforts of State Bank of Pakistan in pursuing the development of an inclusive financial system in the country that can cater to the financial services needs of the economy’s different segments. It complements the role of the Development Finance Group (DFG) of the State Bank of Pakistan in:

  1. monitoring, awareness & information dissemination of various SBP’s policies, initiatives and schemes through different activities and;
  2. operational management/ implementation of SBP’s Export Refinance Schemes (EFS), Credit Guarantees Schemes (CGSs), Prime Minister's Youth Business Loan (PMYBL) Scheme and other Subsidy Schemes.

For the purpose, the department has established its Units in 15 field offices of SBP-BSC which serve as local contact points for continuous interaction with stakeholders.


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