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Now Roshan Digital Account holders can get a
car for their loved ones in Pakistan through bank financing

SBP in partnership with participating banks has launched Roshan Apni Car for Non-Resident Pakistanis having Roshan Digital Accounts (RDAs). Non-Resident Pakistanis can now get Car Financing at very attractive rates to provide cars for their family members in Pakistan. They can apply digitally and get delivery of the car within 50% less time than usual.

An attractive offering for Non-Resident Pakistanis

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Digital Application Process
Simple and Digital Application process

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Reduced Markup Rates
As low as 7%

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Low Insurance Rates
As low as 1.4%

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Conventional/Sharia Financing Modes
Car financing available through both
conventional and Sharia compliant modes

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Flexible Tenors
From 2 to 7 years

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Fast Track Delivery
Up to 50% reduction in car delivery time

Digital Application Process

RDA holders can apply for car financing using the portal of bank in which they have an account. Loan Application process is completely digital with no paper work involved.

Faster Processing

Loan approval time will be 4 days from the date of submission of application.

Low Financing Rates

RDA holders are being offered car financing at rates which are relatively lower than the market rates. Two types of car financing rates are available:

Floating Rate:

Car financing is available at rates which vary over the period of tenor of financing is obtained. Rate is determined at the time of application on the basis of prevailing benchmark rate and are revised periodically.

Lien Based Floating Rate: Lien is marked on the RDA deposits or the Naya Pakistan Certificates and the car financing is available at the benchmark SBP Floor rate plus 1 percent. SBP Floor Rate is also available on the SBP website.

Non-Lien Based Floating Rate: Car financing is available at KIBOR (Karachi Interbank Offer Rate) of 6 month maturity plus 1 percent. KIBOR is determined on a daily basis and is provided on the website of SBP.

Fixed Rate:

These car financing rates are fixed throughout the tenor of car financing period. The fixed rate is offered by banks on the basis of their Cost of Deposits or the Pakistan Revaluation (PKRV) rates prevailing at the time of loan is applied. Once the rate is offered, it remains unchanged till the maturity of financing.

To find out more on the prevailing car financing rates, visit the websites of banks offering Roshan Digital Account.

Car Financing Rates

Lien Product
Non-Lien Product
Floating SBP Floor + 1% KIBOR + 1%
Fixed 8.25% - 9.50% 10.25% - 11.50%
1- Current SBP Floor is 6% pa and is available at the following SBP link:
2- KIBOR is published on a daily basis at the following SBP link:
3- Pricing of the fixed rate loans remain unchanged till maturity of the loan. However, if market conditions change, banks can offer a revised price at the start of the financing period.

Low Insurance Rates

Multiple options to obtain car insurance from the renowned Insurance companies are available at different rates. You can choose the company of your choice.

Conventional/Sharia Financing Modes

Car financing is available through both conventional and Sharia compliant modes.

Fast-track Delivery

The delivery time for the cars will be half of that currently prevailing in the market.

Multiple Cars

Non-Resident Pakistanis can now avail up to 3 cars.

Queries or Feedback

Please share your questions or feedback related to the Roshan Digital Accounts initiative with SBP at [email protected]