With more than 400,000 accounts and $4 billion of inflows in a short of span of 19 months, Roshan Digital Account (RDA) is appearing to be a tree that keeps on giving. While the RDA owes its success to the confidence of overseas Pakistanis in the country’s future as well as on its banking and financial system, it is the unique features of the RDA that also sowed the seeds of its success. With time, RDA continued to gain strength starting with 8 banks and now expanded to 14 banks.

RDA witnessed an immense growth of a billion dollar every four months since April 2021

At one end, RDA offers digital access to all conventional account services including funds transfer, bills and fee payments, and e-commerce. At the other end, it allows overseas Pakistanis to invest in bonds and stocks, including Naya Pakistan Certificates (NPCs) at the click of a few buttons.

About one-third of RDA inflows to-date is driven by the previously unmet need to easily conduct conventional banking affairs in Pakistan, reflecting that there is more to RDA than just investments. The remaining flows are channeled to the NPCs, courtesy the lucrative returns it offers compared to other asset classes.

Naya Pakistan Certificates offer attractive rates of return

A portfolio of $100 invested in NPC at the start of ongoing fiscal year is actually worth more (today) than if the same amount was invested in emerging market equities or debt securities as benchmarked by the MSCI EM Index, and Bloomberg Emerging Markets Hard Currency Aggregate Index respectively. In fact, people who invested in NPC at the start of FY22 are also better off than those invested in gold, which is usually one of the most sought after investment avenues in times of economic uncertainty that currently marks global economic environment.

Even now, the NPC compares favorably with several other saving and investment options. For non-resident Pakistanis, the NPC does not only offer attractive returns compared to those offered by time deposits by banks in advanced economies marked by low interest rate environment, it also offers consistent returns unlike several other instruments and asset classes that are volatile in nature.

Since the NPC caters to both conventional and Islamic investment needs, RDA inflows in both these instruments have more than doubled since the start of this fiscal year, as have the number of account holders, which suggests a growing appetite for RDA among overseas Pakistanis.

It is also heartening to see the diversity in RDA. Consider for instance, the fact that neither the RDA account holders come only from a few countries, nor is the total invested amount in NPCs skewed towards a few account holders, which is not surprising considering that investments in NPCs through RDA can be made from amount as little as USD 5000. Moreover, whilst at the start of RDA, investments in NPC were concentrated mainly in shorter tenors, flows into longer tenors have increased over time. These dynamics suggest that non-resident Pakistanis from a wide variety of investor appetite and origins, reflecting that the confidence on Pakistan’s economy in general, and on the NPC in particular is rather widespread, and growing.

Roshan Trends
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Governor (A) SBP Dr. Murtaza Syed sheds light on the future plans for RDA and NPC. He reiterates that RDA is here to stay, and soon more products will be added.
Roshan Product
Buying a house through Roshan Apna Ghar is easier and attractive. Why?
Providing a secure living to their loved ones back home is a dream for most of our valued Overseas Pakistanis (OPs); and why not, after all, isn’t it one of the main reasons for hitting the road to the overseas?

State Bank of Pakistan being fully cognizant of the close-knit family values of our Pakistani diaspora, has introduced Roshan Apna Ghar (RApG) for our valued Overseas Pakistanis that allows them to own a house – either through self-financing or bank financing from a Pakistani bank through Roshan Digital Account (RDA). RDA offers a wide array of lifestyle banking products and services to overseas Pakistanis and enables them to meet all their banking, investment, payment and financing needs in Pakistan digitally. RApG is one of the most attractive products of the RDA suite that allows OPs to obtain financing at very attractive rates for buying a house for their family members in Pakistan! The financing rates become even more attractive, equivalent to KIBOR, if the OPs opt for lien based financing wherein the OPs offer Naya Pakistan Certificates (NPCs) as the collateral against the financing.

The non-lien based financing where the house purchased through the financing is mortgaged with the bank is available at KIBOR plus 150 basis point as against the normal mortgage financing rate of KIBOR plus 300 bps. The financing is available in both Islamic and conventional modes giving an option to the OPs to opt for mode of their choice. The whole process of financing application, approval and disbursement is digital, the OPs can apply for financing, upload the income verification and property documents and get the confirmation of approval of the financing, all digitally.

RApG gives OPs an opportunity to not only avail housing finance at attractive rates for purchase of their dream house in Pakistan, but also allows them to invest in real estate and/or purchase houses for their families through their own savings in RDA. The most distinguishing feature of RApG is the “Repatriability” of real estate investments made through RDA. All investments made in real estate through RDA, either through bank-financing or self-financing, are fully repatriable. Further, these investments are subject to simple and full and final taxation regime; the OPs are required to pay only 1 percent of the property value each at the time of purchase and sale of the property as the full and final settlement of their tax obligation against real estate transactions with no requirement of filing the tax return. Isn’t it an icing on the cake for the OPs!

Roshan Spotlight
Roshan brings legends to sing together to pay tribute to Overseas Pakistanis for the first time


SBP brings together three music maestros- Shehzad Roy, Hadiqa Kiani and Faisal Kapadia- for a special song, “Tum Juray Ho Tou Barha Hai Pakistan” to pay tribute to overseas Pakistanis for their massive support and investment in RDA.

Roshan Gallery
Governor (A) SBP Dr. Murtaza Syed addresses community gathering at Pakistan Embassy in Doha to promote RDA.
Pakistan Ambassador HE Syed Ahsan Raza Shah during the session.
Community members actively participated in the Q&A session with Governor (A) SBP Dr. Murtaza Syed.
Governor (A) SBP Dr. Murtaza Syed visited Meezan House to appreciate USD 1bn inflows in RDA & inaugurated the RDA Centre.

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