According to Alberuni in 10th Cent., Kallan, a Brahman Minister to the Zabulite King, Lagaturman, overthrew his master and took the crown of Kabul and founded the Turkic dynasty of the Shahis (Shahiyas) in 9th Century AD.

All coins issued anonymously in the name of Spalapati Deva (early) and Samanta Deva (later) or Vakka Deva (later). Spalapati was title (Commander in Chief) in old Persian, Samanta a Sanskrit version of the same. Vaka also seems to be a title, not deciphered yet.

Major Shahi coinage consisted of Spalapati Deva silver issues struck at Capital Kabul (C. AD 800-870) and Samanta Deva, when Ohind became capital (AD 870-1026). Apart from these there are two groups of coins probably having the names of the kings. The Khudavayaka Coins, Afghanistan, C.AD 900/915 & were then initiated by Samanids, and the coins of valiant Shahi King Bhunia.

The coming of Islam: Islamic issues of Khudavayaka type struck about the time when the Samanids established suzerainty over SE Afghanistan and Kabul Circ. 915 AD. Normal design of Khudvayaka with addition of the Arabic word “Adl” (just) in front of horse.

These coins were struck to Islamic dirham standard and thus weigh slightly less than Khudvayaka own coins.



Spalapati Deva - 800-870 AD. Kabul Capital, Silver Drachm,
Obverse: Mounted horseman riding to right, Cursive Greek inscription.
In front: Sri Spalapati - CPI CBOL OBO DI
Reverse: Humped bull seated
Nagari Legend: Sri Spalapati Deva


Cir. AD. 903/915, Khudavayaka (Kamaluka) Silver Drachm with addition of the Arabic word "Adl" (just) in front of horse
Obverse: Mounted horseman riding to right
Reverse: Humped bull seated left
Nagari Legend: Sri Khudavayakah


Vakka Deva coinage struck at Ohind in parallel with the Samanta Deva coinage: Circa AD 870-1008; Copper Drachm of Vakka Deva
Obverse: Lion standing right with raised tail
Reverse: Elephant standing left
Nagari Legend: Sri Vakka Deva (above)






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