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Roshan Samaaji Khidmat provides Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) having a Roshan Digital Account a convenient and one-stop payment platform to fulfil all their charitable giving, donation and Zakat needs in Pakistan. They can even carry out Qurbani in Pakistan from anywhere in the world through reputed organizations.

Roshan Digital Account holders can easily donate to leading charities, give their Zakat, donate to the Ehsaas program, and fulfill their Qurbani obligations

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Donate to Pakistan’s leading
charities, educational
institutions and hospitals

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Give your Zakat

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Donate to
Ehsaas Program

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Fulfill your Qurbani obligations

No need for lengthy bank account details or
International Money Transfer Services

Now NRPs will not need the bank account details of the organizations to which they wish to donate or to arrange an international money transfer. Through Roshan Samaaji Khidmat platform offered by Banks, NRPs will be able to digitally donate to Pakistan’s leading charities, educational institutes and hospitals, as well as meet their Zakat and Qurbani obligations with just a few mouse clicks.

Innovative link to Ehsaas: A link is also available for Non-Resident Pakistanis to donate to the landmark Ehsaas program.

Process of Payment

Customers will visit Roshan Samaaji Khidmat portal at their Banks’ Roshan Digital Account web pages. The portal features a list of charitable organizations, such as Aga Khan Hospital, Akhuwat Foundation, CHHIPA, The Citizens Foundation, Edhi, Indus Hospital, LRBT, Saylani, Shaukat Khanum Hospital (this may vary from bank to bank). This process of making donations or Qurbani booking is extremely simple and efficient for Non-Resident Pakistanis.

Queries or Feedback

Please share your questions or feedback related to the Roshan Digital Accounts initiative with SBP at [email protected]