Circulars/Notifications - Banking Policy & Regulations Department  
 BPRD Circular Letter No. 25 of 2009
August 26, 2009

The Chief Executives,
All Banks

Dear Sirs / Madam,


          Please refer to the series of instructions issued by State Bank of Pakistan to simplify and streamline the procedure of utility bills collection and different directives of Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan forwarded to banks under Sou Motu Case No. 04 of 2006. The Apex Court has now passed a final order dated June 11, 2009 under the aforesaid Sou Motu Case No. 04 of 2006 (Copy enclosed for strict compliance).

2.       In the light of aforesaid order of Apex Court, the banks are directed to follow the following further guidelines on the subject with due regard to all applicable laws.

i. All banks shall ensure dignity of human being as per the provisions of Constitution of Pakistan and shall make special arrangements to ensure (i) that where consumers have to make a queue in front of branch, drinking water, shamiana or proper shelter is provided to protect them from heat and rain(ii)that proper respect and proper treatment is provided to all customers especially to senior citizens.
ii. To educate consumers to avail aforesaid facilities, banks would launch an advertisement campaign on electronic/print media. Banks shall improve their complaint resolution system in such a way that customers of utility companies may easily lodge complaints concerning payment of utility bills at banks and banks should resolve the complaint promptly. This system should also enable the bank to easily identify/segregate such complaints. The data with regard to such complaints should be sent to SBP on monthly basis as per the enclosed format on Excel Sheet (Annexure-A). Banks will also provide the particulars of concerned officer(s) dealing these issues.

iii. Banks shall also inform their customers that they may complain directly to State Bank of Pakistan and shall also inform their customers about existing complaint system of SBP to make this more effective. Banks are advised to display the following information at their branches and field offices enabling the customers to lodge any complaint on the subject.

Policy Officer (Utility Bills),
Banking Policy & Regulations Department,
State Bank of Pakistan,
Phone No. 021-32453555
Fax No. 021-99212506
Email: [email protected]

3.       The above instructions shall in no way be construed a limitation on the banks from taking any other initiative to facilitate and increase the comfort of consumers paying utility bills.

4.       State Bank of Pakistan will carry out surprise checks of the bank’s branches to ensure adherence to the above instructions. Any violation will attract penal action under the relevant provisions of the Banking Companies Ordinance, 1962.

Please acknowledge receipt.

Encl: as above
Annexure - A

Yours truly,

(Muhammad Tahir)
Joint Director

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