Establishment and working of State Bank is a remarkable happening in Pakistan. It has seen so many interesting turns and twists, thus affecting and influencing development of Pakistan. Museum & Art Gallery Department is compiling the social history of State Bank of Pakistan, which will be brought out in a series of publications in the year 2013 and 2014.

In this regard Museum has started collecting the source material to establish the SBP Archives i.e. Photographs, documents, personal belongings of importance and also recording personal interviews.

All the present and former employees can be part of this project by either recording their own anecdotes, lending photos and documents, video recording and filling up the questionnaire which will be posted on web soon.

The SBP Museum has stood up to its professed objectives and is committed to build the social history of SBP in a meaningful way, and make it available for the future generations, scholars and students.

The source material will be available in specially arranged Archival cell so that the scholars and students will have a better idea about the social aspect of SBP and will create a soft image of the Bank.

For further details, appointment for video recording, scanning of documents and photos, copies of documents etc. Please contact Dr. Asma Ibrahim, Director Museum and Art Gallery Department, Phone No. 99221011, 32453243, during office hours.

Please feel free to introduce people who happened to have the information regarding SBP and its related matters, so that requests may be extended to them also.

Looking forward to your cooperation

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