Visitors from all walks of life are welcome to be part of the following activities organized by the State Bank Museum & Art Gallery as part of 70-year celebrations. On July 1, 2018, the exhibition was inaugurated by the former governor of State Bank of Pakistan and present Finance Minister, Dr. Shamshad Akhtar at 2:00 pm. The Exhibition will run throughout the month of July, from 9:30 am to 5 pm (Mon to Sat).

Commemorative Stamp
A corner of Pakistan Post Office has been established where a special commemorative stamp was inaugurated by Governor SBP, Mr. Tariq Bajwa on July 1, 2018 followed by the distribution of complimentary stamp by the Governor. Enlarged images of the stamps issued by SBP earlier are also on display.

History of Pakistan's Currency
Photographs of the past SBP governors along with coins and currency notes issued during their tenure are displayed in this section.
Architectural History of SBP Building
Inauguration of main SBP Building, its design and selection are displayed along with the original message of President Ayub Khan.
Technological Progress
This part of the exhibition focuses on the journey of defacing and sorting of currency notes from earlier to modern times.

SBP Timeline
The timeline covers the important events in the history of SBP where the visitors can go through different stages of development of State Bank of Pakistan over the years, inclusion of different institutes as its subsidiaries, etc.
Video on SBP's Social History
Journey of SBP has been showcased through the interviews of old/ present employees of the Bank.
Audio-Video History of SBP

Speech of Quaid-i-Azam on the occasion of SBP inauguration which has been digitized and acquired from the Radio Pakistan along with other historical videos of the Bank that the visitors can enjoy and learn about the rich history of State Bank.

Rare Collections
Visitors can have a look at the rare gold stamp of Quaid-i-Azam and other rare collections in the SBP Museum.
Evolution of Coinage and Currency in the Indian Subcontinent
Historic journey of SBP has been displayed through old photographs and newspaper clippings since its inauguration. Selected events from the SBP magazine, SBP News, from 1960 onwards have also been exhibited along with other archives / documents related to the establishment of State Bank of Pakistan and important decisions taken by the Bank.

Corporate Social Responsibility of SBP
Visitors can enjoy a short history of establishment of the first monetary museum of Pakistan, Sadequain & contemporary art gallery, as repository of most precious art treasures of Pakistan. SBP Museum’s role in addressing the needs of physically challenged people, and in art and heritage (paintings, conservation of buildings, collection of the museum) have been demonstrated in this section. Profiles of all the SBP governors till date are also on display. Animated short documentaries on SBP educate the visitors about its working.

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